Cold Calling: Sales Professionals Avoid the Chills, Find Cure

Calling your doctor may be helpful when suffering from the common cold, but as we all know, there is no cure for the ailment. The best your physician can do is to provide you some comfort as the cold runs its course.

cold calling, social media helpWouldn’t it be nice if there was a cure?

As with the common cold, there seems to be no cure for the ill-feeling that professional sales people have toward the common practice of cold calling. It’s little comfort to know that many of their peers also get the chills at the thought of phone prospecting. While there may not be a cure, there are ways to avoid getting a chilly response, otherwise known as the cold shoulder, when cold calling. [Read more…]

How to Survive When Things Get Slow in Business

When things get slow in business – when work drops off, clients back out, ideas aren’t as fertile, efforts freeze up, or you are simply lacking physical energy – what do you tend to do FIRST?winter-background-1113tm-bkgd-155

Do you:

  • work harder
  • desperately look for ways to connect
  • think deeper
  • grab more coffee

Do you:

  • beat yourself up
  • increase your services and lower your prices
  • rack your brain

And (let me guess) at the end of the day you come away exhausted, frustrated, or both. (Not to mention that you can’t relax or sleep due to excessive coffee consumption!)

When things slow down, perhaps we should follow suit. [Read more…]

Why Smart and Talented Must Include Being a Team Player

Virtual Assistants and Entrepreneurs have realized that in our present economic climate, there is little room for a Lone Rangershows target customers diagram on dirt background mentality. Working as part of a team gives Virtual Assistants a competitive edge and the support necessary to ensure that projects come in on time and clients are kept satisfied. After all, no one can afford to lose a customer these days.

Employers cannot afford to hire those smart and talented assistants who cannot pick up the slack and jump in wherever needed, whenever necessary, either. They are looking for Virtual Assistants who understand that multi-tasking no longer means being able to do talk on the phone while typing. Flexibility is the determining factor when hiring team players. You may have a wonderful attitude and be able and willing to get along with all types of personalities – and as a Virtual Assistant, you must – but can you also take over client management whenever there is an emergency? Would you be able to jump in on a graphic art project, should another team member become ill? Can you give technical advice when there is a roadblock to the development of a website or an issue with a client’s virtual event?

Entrepreneurs are looking to connect with a Virtual Assistant team that can take the reins and keep their operation running smoothly, allowing them to commit attention and effort to building that business. They want to know that whatever issues may arise, their V.A. team has it under control – because they have the combined skills to cover all aspects of most situations.

Virtual Assistants often have talents still undiscovered! If you are currently working as a Virtual Assistant, you may be far more creative than you give yourself credit. Here are a few things to consider if you want more clients:

  • Be open to opportunities that stretch you.
  • Always be willing to learn what you do not already know – and increase your personal level of knowledge about what you do.
  • Show what you are able to do – and show that you are willing to do even more!
  • Become flexible (if you are not already).

As an entrepreneur, if you have been looking for qualified Virtual Assistants, look no further than CMBS Global. Grab your FREE consultation today and see the difference smart, talented, experienced assistance by team players can make in the effectiveness of running – and growing – your business.

Corporate Giants Only a Stone’s Throw Away From Losing Their Heads

In the land of corporate giants, there exists an increasing awareness that many are only a stone’s throw away from losing their heads.

Routinely, corporate giants fail – and fall – due to stones strategically slung by much smaller companies…the David’s (if you will) of the market. Remember these giants of not so long ago?

  • Blockbuster
  • Dell
  • Eastman Kodak
  • Motorola
  • Sears

Competition guarantees neither failure or success. Pride almost always guarantees a fall. Practicality, Planning, Patience, and Passion often produce effective results.

To avoid losing your head in today’s corporate climate, among the many market machines, remember…Giants have the potential for getting too big for their own good. Davids have the potential to become Kings.

Need help to face the giants in your own online marketing efforts? Contact us today – and find out how we can assist you in choosing just the right methods and strategies to grow and maintain your business!

How to Virtually Succeed in Business Without Really Trying

You’ve heard all of the hype. You’ve watched countless webinars. You’ve read the gimmicky sales pages and possibly even written and sent a Businesswoman With Laptop by Ambro FreeDigitalPhotosdot net ID-10044055few to your own list. So…how is it that virtually everything you are trying has yet to help you succeed in business? Without assuming too much, you may not really be trying to succeed at all. You may just be following the crowd, relying on the status quo – and that will get you right where you don’t want to be…lost in the status quo crowd!

You’ve got to get creative and shake things up every once in a while!

Virtually all online marketing follows this one basic premise: Keep promoting. Repeat your message often to your list, within your niche or market, and you increase the odds of those people taking action.

Here’s the rub. While statistics seem to bear out that this method works, it is also true that the more a person hears, reads or sees the same information, the more likely they are to wait for that opportunity to come around again, instead of opting in immediately. It’s a bit like a “learned response”.

There’s no reason to jump on something that isn’t going anywhere! [Read more…]

3 Common Reasons You Don’t Understand and 3 Easy Solutions for Better Understanding Right in Front of Your Nose

This is personal. Sometimes I just don’t understand what another person or party wants. Ever been there? I can read the email, listen to the idea, see the example – and still miss the mark. If, like me, you want better understanding…Businessman Cover His Head With Bag by pakorn FreeDigitalPhotosdotnet Stock Photo ID-100114875this blog is for you.

Just the other day, I was working on a task for a client and had the instructions in an email right in front of my nose. I read through the words, but somehow developed quite a different view of what was actually being requested of me. I went about completing the task, confident that I had given the client exactly what they had wanted and needed. But, a few hours later, I realized that I had completely overlooked an important sentence in the email instructions and (more than likely) confused the client. How did I miss such a key element in the instructions I was given?

I believe there are 3 common reasons you and I don’t understand what is being communicated to us at times: [Read more…]

What Every Marketer Needs to be Effective When Time is of the Essence

by Charlotte L. Hanna CMO/Director of PMR/CMBS Global

Every marketer needs an assistant like CMBS Global for effective handling and management of back office tasks, keeping your daily business activities running smoothly, while freeing you to concentrate on the bigger tasks of reaching out to prospective clients and customers, developing products and services and, of course, telling your story.
If you have been neglecting the telling of your story because you are just too busy – you have been neglecting one of the most important marketing tools you personally possess for growing your business. Being too busy to share what you do and why you do it, means you absolutely need assistance with your marketing. While there are many directions in which you can take the telling of your story, today’s technology affords an exciting array of choices for making your online marketing more effective by saving you time. And for those who wish to get their story out to their particular market effectively and creatively, time is of the essence! [Read more…]

Practice What You Preach or Your Elevator Speech is Just Another Sales Pitch


by Charlotte L. Hanna CMO/Director of PMR/CMBS Global

Entrepreneurs of any type must sell. You are daily selling others on you, your services, your products – or all of the above. Great salespeople are Elevator With Green Doors by Maya Pictures Freedigitalphotos dot net ID-10096105necessary to business – but practice what you preach or your elevator speech will be just another sales pitch that people do not care to hear.

It goes without saying that the brands that have survived and enjoyed many fruitful years of being in the public eye are those that have provided the perfect pitch – and then remained totally in tune with their customers and clients desires and needs. Those who continually hit sour notes within their market are soon kicked out of the choir.

There are many referring to themselves as ‘evangelists’ in today’s business market. An admittedly catchy title when linked with such terms as Marketing, Social Media, Product, Brand, etc. You name it and the term evangelist has probably been attached at some point. But as catchy as it may sound, the truth continues to be that much more is expected of an evangelist than is required of the common, ordinary layperson. The average pew sitter will always be permitted many more mistakes and shown much more forgiveness for his or her sins (when discovered) than the guy standing behind the pulpit. It has, at times, proven to be too much pressure even for the most gifted of leaders.

No person knows you any better than you know yourself, however letting others do the preaching for you is often wiser than touting your own horn – only to fall short of your proclamations. Good intentions are not enough to build a strong brand and keep it standing no matter what storms come. You must absolutely deliver the goods that you have declared yourself capable of delivering. If you aren’t convinced that it is possible for you to do this – you need to change your message, change your skill set or get reliable assistance from those who can help you to perform at peak level.

It is not impossible to practice what you preach when you believe in what you do and are committed to representing your message honestly via actions, words and deeds. Don’t set yourself up to be worshiped lest you set yourself up for a very hard fall. Instead, be the one your niche is free to trust and they will sing your praises to all who will listen for years to come.

Image: “Elevator With Green Door” by Maya Picture/

Communication, Marketing and Business Solutions

by Charlotte L. Hanna CMO/Director of PMR/CMBS Global


When weighing effective business solutions, two of the most important tools you will ever implement are Communication and Marketing. Skills within these areas are a must and in today’s online marketplace, often governed by technology. Even ‘word of mouth’ (a great form of advertising) is widely accomplished via Social Media.

Here are some simple steps to ensure better communication and marketing for your business:

[Read more…]

Virtual Assistants Are Independent Contractors Defined by Professionalism and Productivity

by Charlotte L. Hanna CMO/Director of PMR/CMBS Global

Working With Virtual AssistantsVirtual Assistants (VAs) are broadly defined as independent entrepreneurs providing professional administrative, secretarial and clerical, creative, managerial, technical, business office and/or personal support services.  CMBS Global Virtual Assistants provide clients "at-the-office productivity" supplied by qualified staff, without the overhead of a physical building or costly equipment, while adhering to a strict code of integrity, honesty and due diligence.

Most VAs offer support for other online entrepreneurs via a variety of skills in technology, software and programs that keep the day-to-day operations of an online business running smoothly – otherwise known as Back Office Services. Some also provide Online Business Management, attending to administrative tasks for the business owner. Virtual Assistant companies may also include creative services such as graphic design, content writing, proofing and editing, web design and development and SEO…all major contributions to setting up, growing and maintaining a successful online business.

[Read more…]

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