How to Repurpose Content: What Bitly Discovered About Social Media

re-purpose your contentBitly reports it has discovered that the typical half-life of a link on Twitter to be just 2.8hours! And Bitly’s analysis goes on to state that the half-life of a link on YouTube is a mere 7.4 hours.

For those involved with online marketing, the importance of SEO cannot be stressed enough. Content must be optimized for the search engines, but the reality is that SEO isn’t magic. The quality of your content also matters. [Read more…]

How to Take Marketing Out of the Dark Ages

This blog won’t solve all of your marketing problems, but it might help you to lighten up and inspire you to take your marketing practices out of the dark ages.

GE Enhance Your Video with Jeff GoldblumWhile you may not be able to afford a famous person to promote your services and products, neither can you afford to leave your marketing in the hands of an unremarkable, nobody. Finding the perfect middle ground may just be possible, with a little humor. [Read more…]

When Your Webinar Doesn’t Technically Rock

Technically, yes…there will always be some technical challengesWebinar, Virtual Event Planning Online when hosting a webinar. But when you spend the first 7 minutes of your event saying, “Awesome!” (while holding instructional conversation with yourself or your co-host) as you correct all of the glitches, you probably should face the fact that your webinar doesn’t technically “rock”. [Read more…]

Your Recognizable Logo: Outstanding Ideas, Products, Services

So, you have this amazing product or service and you want the world to know about it. You get this logo idea, develop a concept andlogo showing company symbol or emblem hire a graphic artist and soon – an outstanding logo is born.

  • You’re thrilled with the image
  • In love with the color
  • Tickled by the tagline

But why should your incredibly recognizable logo matter to the rest of the world? [Read more…]

Innovators: How No Respect Can Kill Creativity

Sometimes it’s just no fun to be innovative. Innovators put themselvesInnovation demands respect, stagnation kills creativity
out there on the front lines of the War of Opinions where creativity doesn’t always get the respect it deserves.

A variety of viewpoints exists, usually governed by some form of hierarchy (whether real or perceived) and we usually take our cues from:

  • The boss
  • The coworkers
  • The teacher
  • The event coordinator
  • The client
  • Whomever we answer to or view as the person with more power than us [Read more…]

Content Lions Among Pandas and Penguins in an SEO Zoo

A few years ago, Content Farms were recognized as a real threat to search engine giant, Google. The lion’s share of traffic (thus, revenue) was going to those producing volumes of Untitled-210low quality content, which in turn produced less than impressive results in Google search. The most popular attractions, no longer provided the best results for visitors, so like a good zookeeper, Google introduced their Panda in 2011, followed by their Penguin in 2012. Panda rewards companies that invest in high-quality content and Penguin, the result of work by engineers at Mountain View, reduced the effectiveness of low-value links.

Content Marketing is, in a sense, raising up Lions among the SEO Pandas and Penguins – and Content Lions (those who are able to produce great content that attracts visitors AND consistently provide them satisfying results) make for happy (search engine) zookeepers!

  • Google rankings are directly related to the social success of content.
  • Is your content being shared?
  • Are any credible websites linking to your content?
  • Do you have any followers and, if so, how many?
  • Does anyone engage, comment, like, etc., on your content?

Every time someone searches on Google there is fierce competition for their attention and, in that way, it can quite literally seem a zoo!  There are plenty of cute little monkeys with engaging antics, lovely-to-look at peacocks who aren’t afraid to strut their stuff, and exotic, rare breeds that cause many to stop and stare. Lions know that to capture the attention of those visiting the zoo, they must roar loudly and make more noise than all the other animals. Lions also understand that looking regal is simply not enough to keep their visitor’s attention. They must back up all of that noise with a show of strength (even a little aggressive attitude now and again) giving visitors just enough to keep them coming back for more. Therefore, to be successful when creating content for your business, you must focus on becoming the Main Attraction and settling for nothing less.

In the SEO zoo of marketing online, great content producers, know how to grab attention, engage, and impact – leaving the visitor talking about the Content Lion for weeks, months – even years – to come! Are you a Content Lion – or just Monkeying around? Contact us for more successful SEO results and see what great content can do for your business!

Gmail Tabs Explained – New Changes Affect User Inboxes

Are you a Gmail (Google Mail) or Google Apps user?

If you are, the new changes recently rolled out will affect you! Gmail has revamped their user interface in order to better help users manage their inboxes.

Part of these changes includes the creation of 5 different Tabs for user inboxes (Primary, Social, Promotion, Updates and Forums). Gmail will automatically sort your email into these various tabs as you receive new messages. You can easily turn these tabs on or off should you so desire.

Unfortunately, you may find it a challenge  to locate some of your emails until you get used to the new system. For instance, some emails you regularly look for may now be placed under one of the secondary tabs and not in your Primary inbox.

As Google rolls out these new changes, you will receive a “Welcome to Your New Inbox” message when your account has been upgraded.

GMail Welcome to your new Inbox

Initially, only 3 of the 5 tabs (Primary, Social and Promotions) will be active. You can always add or remove these tabs as desired. Below is a brief explanation of each of the tabs and how they can be used.

Gmail Tabs Explained

To give you a better understanding of each of the Gmail tabs and how they affect users inboxes, the changes are explained below.

5 New GMail Inbox Tabs

Primary Tab

This will now be your main inbox area. It is what you will see immediately upon logging into your Gmail account. Typically, personal emails will be displayed here (i.e. family, friends, etc.). Gmail may not always sort them correctly, so you will have to pay close attention once the transition occurs to be sure that all of your emails are sorting properly. You can change the way Gmail sorts the email quite easily by dragging the incorrectly sorted email to the correct tab. (We will discuss that in detail in a bit.) Any emails you have starred will also be displayed under this tab, by default, which can be changed in settings as well.

Social Tab

Generally, emails from social media sites (such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.) will be displayed under your Social tab.

Promotions Tab

The Promotions tab will contain emails and other types of marketing correspondence that deal with promotional offers, which may include coupons, free offers, newsletters, or email subscriptions you have, as well as other various types of offers.  

Updates Tab

This tab is not active by default, but is easily activated should you so desire. The Updates tab typically includes automatically generated emails such as confirmations, receipts, bills and statements. While this tab is inactive, emails of this type will be displayed under the Primary tab. 

Forums Tab

This tab is not active by default, but is easily activated, should you so desire. The Forums tab typically contains emails from online groups, discussion boards and mailing lists. While this tab is inactive, emails of this type will be displayed under the Primary tab.

Adapting the New Gmail Changes to Your Needs

Of course, Gmail does not know what every email is and may not sort them according to your needs. It is quite easy to make these new changes work for your purposes. To organize the emails that display under each tab, you can simply drag and drop the desired email from its original tab to the tab of your choice.

To do this…

  • Simply hover over the left edge of the desired message until your mouse turns into a hand (as shown below)

Confirm Inbox Tab Change

  • Click the mouse (left-click) to grab the email and drag it to the desired tab. Gmail will display a message that you are moving a conversation.

Drag the Email to the desired GMail Tab

  • Once you have moved the email to the desired tab, Gmail will ask you if you want all future emails from that sender to be placed under the desired tab, as well. Click “YES” – and you are all set!

Confirm Inbox Tab Change

Alternatively, you can…

  • You can also right click on the desired email, choose “Move to tab” and add it to the tab you want.

Right Click to Move Email to a different Tab


Select which tabe to display email

Adding or Removing Tabs From View

You can easily add or remove the Tabs if they are not working for you. When you remove a tab, the emails that would typically display under that particular tab will now show up under the Primary tab. Removing all of the tabs (outside of the primary) will essentially make your Gmail experience very similar to the old user interface you are used to, by having all your incoming emails delivered to one primary inbox.

To add or remove tabs…

  • Simply click on the “+” sign located at the right side of the tabs.

Add or Remove GMail Inbox Tabs

  • A “Select tabs to enable” window will open and allow you to select the tabs you wish to add or remove from your inbox view. Simply check or uncheck the tabs you wish to add or remove and click Save to complete your changes.

Select the GMail Tabs to Enable

Removed all tabs and now want to try them again?

Should you turn off all tabs (with the exception of the Primary tab, of course) and decide later that you wish to enable other tabs, you can easily switch back to tabbed mode.

  • Simply click on the configuration icon and select “Configure Inbox” to add tabs back to your inbox view.

Confirm Inbox Tab Change

What are your thoughts and views on the new Gmail Inbox Tabs? Please add your comment below to explain the affect, if any, the new changes have had on you as a user of Gmail.

Know What You Are Doing and Prove It!


by Charlotte L. Hanna CMO/CMBS Global


Boy…do I remember those schoolyard bullies who were always making life miserable for the rest of us! I remember their annoying challenge consisting of just two words – Prove it!”

As an entrepreneur, you may know what you are doing, but business can be a bully when it comes to performance.

As an entrepreneur, you may NOT know what you are doing in some very important areas of business communication and marketing – but don’t let it back you up against the wall and intimidate like those bullies. [Read more…]

Business Buzzwords Don’t Communicate Concisely to Your Market


by Charlotte L. Hanna CMO/CMBS Global

If you desire to communicate concisely to your market, avoid business buzzwords that don’t really say much and may be hindering growth.

While certain words may sound impressive when linked together, the resulting message can be vague, failing to articulate what you do for the customer and why clients should find you to be a better choice.

Content is important. It cannot be too complicated and it should not be too simple. Tone is crucial. Speaking over someone’s head or speaking in a condescending manner can both cause offense – but bloviating just leaves the reader empty-handed and looking elsewhere for real solutions and real information. [Read more…]

No Time to Fall Short of Goals -Update Communication, Marketing and Business Solutions

by Charlotte L. Hanna CMO/CMBS Global

Description: Woman Playing Laptop by Just2shutter FreeDigitalPhotosdotnet ID-10059575.jpg

It’s that time of year when young people go back to school and most of us just wish we could go back to bed. Fall may be in the air, but it’s no time to fall short of goals – time to update your communication, marketing and business solutions, instead.

  • Revisit your goals. It is okay to revisit your accomplishments – as long as you don’t camp out there. If your goals have changed, no problem…as long as you have adjusted your marketing efforts accordingly. Get back to the basics in your online marketing. Don’t rely on content that may no longer be relevant to your business goals. Check your SEO – dust off your press releases, take some of your best ideas off the shelf and polish up your best business practices. [Read more…]
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