How to Summarize Your Business Strategy in Fifteen Words

Can you summarize your business strategy in 15 words or less? Many owners and managers can’ marketing strategies

The reason for this may be that they lack clarity about what is right in front of their noses.

According to The Contrast Principle, we understand a thing better when are able to see it compared with something else – rather than observing it in isolation. When you view your business from within, you see only what is right in front of you. And what is right in front of you may appear bigger or smaller than it really is – if you can even see it at all!
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How to Survive When Things Get Slow in Business

When things get slow in business – when work drops off, clients back out, ideas aren’t as fertile, efforts freeze up, or you are simply lacking physical energy – what do you tend to do FIRST?winter-background-1113tm-bkgd-155

Do you:

  • work harder
  • desperately look for ways to connect
  • think deeper
  • grab more coffee

Do you:

  • beat yourself up
  • increase your services and lower your prices
  • rack your brain

And (let me guess) at the end of the day you come away exhausted, frustrated, or both. (Not to mention that you can’t relax or sleep due to excessive coffee consumption!)

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Why Smart and Talented Must Include Being a Team Player

Virtual Assistants and Entrepreneurs have realized that in our present economic climate, there is little room for a Lone Rangershows target customers diagram on dirt background mentality. Working as part of a team gives Virtual Assistants a competitive edge and the support necessary to ensure that projects come in on time and clients are kept satisfied. After all, no one can afford to lose a customer these days.

Employers cannot afford to hire those smart and talented assistants who cannot pick up the slack and jump in wherever needed, whenever necessary, either. They are looking for Virtual Assistants who understand that multi-tasking no longer means being able to do talk on the phone while typing. Flexibility is the determining factor when hiring team players. You may have a wonderful attitude and be able and willing to get along with all types of personalities – and as a Virtual Assistant, you must – but can you also take over client management whenever there is an emergency? Would you be able to jump in on a graphic art project, should another team member become ill? Can you give technical advice when there is a roadblock to the development of a website or an issue with a client’s virtual event?

Entrepreneurs are looking to connect with a Virtual Assistant team that can take the reins and keep their operation running smoothly, allowing them to commit attention and effort to building that business. They want to know that whatever issues may arise, their V.A. team has it under control – because they have the combined skills to cover all aspects of most situations.

Virtual Assistants often have talents still undiscovered! If you are currently working as a Virtual Assistant, you may be far more creative than you give yourself credit. Here are a few things to consider if you want more clients:

  • Be open to opportunities that stretch you.
  • Always be willing to learn what you do not already know – and increase your personal level of knowledge about what you do.
  • Show what you are able to do – and show that you are willing to do even more!
  • Become flexible (if you are not already).

As an entrepreneur, if you have been looking for qualified Virtual Assistants, look no further than CMBS Global. Grab your FREE consultation today and see the difference smart, talented, experienced assistance by team players can make in the effectiveness of running – and growing – your business.

Corporate Giants Only a Stone’s Throw Away From Losing Their Heads

In the land of corporate giants, there exists an increasing awareness that many are only a stone’s throw away from losing their heads.

Routinely, corporate giants fail – and fall – due to stones strategically slung by much smaller companies…the David’s (if you will) of the market. Remember these giants of not so long ago?

  • Blockbuster
  • Dell
  • Eastman Kodak
  • Motorola
  • Sears

Competition guarantees neither failure or success. Pride almost always guarantees a fall. Practicality, Planning, Patience, and Passion often produce effective results.

To avoid losing your head in today’s corporate climate, among the many market machines, remember…Giants have the potential for getting too big for their own good. Davids have the potential to become Kings.

Need help to face the giants in your own online marketing efforts? Contact us today – and find out how we can assist you in choosing just the right methods and strategies to grow and maintain your business!

What You’re Not Getting From Your Virtual Assistant and Why

Chances are, if you have ever worked with (or are currently working with) CMBS GLOBAL Business Management Logo Origa Virtual Assistant, you have had moments of concern about whether or not you are getting your money’s worth. It’s a legitimate concern and one that is easily measured. Why? Because working with a V.A. involves 3 things:

1.What you want
2.What you need
3.What you get

Knowing Your Product Must Include Understanding the Benefits

by Charlotte L. Hanna CMO/Director of PMR/CMBS Global

Knowing your product is key to selling. Any good salesperson knows that to sell a product, they must know as much as possible about it and to sell consistently they must also be able to communicate the benefits of that product to potential buyers. Knowing your product MUST include understanding how it benefits others, because benefits – not features – sell.

While this is not news to an experienced salesperson…it may be news to the online entrepreneur who is single-handedly working to build a business and wondering why all of their hard work and time consuming efforts don’t seem to be paying off.

Many entrepreneurs involved in building an online business are missing out on sales because they are overlooking the benefits their products and services provide. Today’s online entrepreneurs are usually a one-man or one-woman enterprise. Chances are they came up with the idea for their business and they are the sole marketer, content writer, product or service creator, salesperson, spokesperson, manager – and more.

Whew! That’s enough to make even a SUPER HERO’S head spin!

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The B2B Market – 5 Basic Online B2B Practices to Put Your Business Where It Should Be


by Charlotte L. Hanna CMO/Director of PMR/CMBS Global

Just what is B2B marketing? Business-to-Business refers to companies that sell things to other companies.There can be many B2B practices or processes that lead up to a sale online and put your business where it should be…positioned for sales.

For example, when you buy a blender from your local Walmart store that is a “Business-to-Consumer” sale – otherwise known as B2C. But, what happened before that blender ever made it to the shelf in the store would be known as the B2B transactions.

®    There was probably a fabrication company that supplied a particular machine to the company making the blender for the stamping out and shaping of whatever material would be used to make the appliance.

®    Then, perhaps a printing machine company that created and sold the print product necessary for the company to be able to print its name on the finished blender. [Read more…]

Married to My Work – Stop Breaking Promises, Prolong the Honeymoon and Keep Clients


By Charlotte L. Hanna CMO/Director of PMR/CMBS Global

June is the month of promises…promises of longer days, vacation time away from the daily grind, romance. Traditionally, it is the favorite month for getting married, of promising each other the moon under a hot summer sun. January is reported to be the month for divorcing.

Unfortunately, promises easily made are also too often broken in life, love and business.

In times past, a person’s word was all it took to ‘seal the deal’. Legal documents were seldom necessary between friends and family and rarely even considered among those doing business. Your word and a handshake were all that were needed to buy and sell – even settle a dispute. But those days are far behind us and not only do people regularly promise one another more than they can deliver, it is becoming the acceptable norm to expect that promises will not be kept. Thankfully, there are still those in business who believe that promises made are worth keeping whenever possible, as much as possible. [Read more…]

How Do You Communicate and Market Your Online Business to the World Marketplace?


By Charlotte L. Hanna CMO & Director of PMR for CMBS Global


Do you know how to market your business online? Do you know WHO your market really is? Do you communicate well with your market? Are you visible in the world marketplace?

Do questions like these make your head spin?                     

How you communicate and market your business is vital to your online success, but it need not make you dizzy. My hunch is that you are one of those entrepreneurs who realize the importance of communicating and marketing online – but have trouble finding the time to do it consistently and effectively. That may be GOOD news. I mean, if you are that busy – then you must be doing something right – right?

Unfortunately, small business owners are seldom too busy to give their needed attention to such an important aspect of their online enterprise because business is booming. More often than not, failure to communicate what they do and market what they offer to the world marketplace is simply a lack of organization and focus on their part. It may sound harsh, but your head may be spinning because you are in need of help and have ignored your need, thinking that you can do it all by yourself. [Read more…]

Are Your Marketing and Advertising Integrated for Maximum Effect?


By Charlotte L. Hanna CMO/CMBS Global


What does the term “integrated advertising and marketing” really mean? And why should you be aware of the potential maximum effect it can have on your business?

According to Rochelle Reiter, agency principal at Orange Label Art + Advertising, “It is the coordination and integration of all of a company’s advertising and marketing communications into a cohesive plan that maximizes the impact on customers and prospects. An integrated plan is designed to make all aspects of marketing communications (e.g., advertising, sales, marketing, PR and online) work together as a unified and integrated force, rather than allowing each component to function independently.”

Wes Phillips, also an agency principal at Orange Label Art + Advertising, noted in a recent online article that, “It is important that a company’s leaders understand and comprehend the goals and objectives of an integrated campaign and are aligned on the strategy and messaging.” He believes that the support of management, sufficient time, and budget resources are important to the perception of the strategy as a priority.

But what does this all mean to the entrepreneur? [Read more…]

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