How Being One In A Million Has Taken On a Whole New Meaning

by Charlotte L. Hanna CMO/Director of PMR/CMBS GlobalOne in a million

Remember when being “One In A Million” used to be a very good thing? My how that label has taken on a whole new meaning for the entrepreneur! What used to be a sought after position in business relations is now the challenge to overcome for the online marketer.

Being “One In A Million” used to be a huge pat on the back. It meant that no one else did business like you, served the customer as well or provided for the need quite the way you could. It meant that you were a stand out in your market. It was what every entrepreneur with the goal of ‘making it big’ loved to hear.

The Internet has given that once cherished phrase a whole new meaning. Now, we are all one in a million – or to be even more precise – one among many millions of those clamoring for the attentions of potential customers. Today’s entrepreneur must work a little differently if he or she is to truly be recognized as the one people run to for what they need. Doing business online means knowing how to get noticed, how to get potential client’s attention, how to provide what they are looking for and satisfy their needs – without the benefit of a storefront and flashing neon sign. They aren’t driving by your place of business every day on their way to work – OR ARE THEY?

Did you know that more and more people are viewing online content, getting their news and even shopping for their needs online during their commute time?

See, the problem for the small business owner has always been traffic. Business owners know they need the best possible location. The ideal is generally to be located where there is a lot of traffic…both vehicular and foot traffic. It’s good to have people driving by and walking by on a daily basis. Too little traffic = not enough sales. However, a lot of traffic is only beneficial if they are actually coming in, right? So, not only do you need positioning – you must make it impossible for them to keep on driving or walking without coming in. You have to grab their attention with the look of your store – your signage has intrigue and tell them what you offer – and your merchandise has to knock their socks off, be what they want and irresistibly displayed.

You must compel them to come in – the very first time…and show them why they must keep coming back!

Now, consider online marketing. The same rules apply. The answer to the question posed earlier is a resounding, “YES!” Potential traffic to your website is daily continuing to walk right on by without coming in to see why you may indeed be that “One In A Million” that they are looking for.

Entrepreneurs are all battling for customer attention. The Internet has not only changed how we do business – it has also changed how buyers get what they want. The Internet provides potential clients and customers with so much information that they, in turn, are doing their own research and educating themselves. By the time they choose to purchase, they are ready to see the contract and the price…that is really all that is left for them to know.

When the store looks interesting and inviting from the street – when the name and the signage conveys intrigue about what is being offered…that’s only half the battle. That can get them to the window – but window-shopping doesn’t always translate into sales. Even getting them through the door doesn’t guarantee a sale, does it?

I once worked as Visual Merchandiser for a kitchen supplies store. The windows were the ‘tease’, if you will. The window displays had to compel people to come inside and once they were inside, it was up to the staff to promptly and warmly greet the customer, answer questions, etc. But, what kept the customer in the store was crucial – THE CONTENT – had to be presented in such a way that the customer couldn’t miss it – couldn’t resist looking at it and touching it, smelling it, EVEN tasting it if a food item. The creative displays caused the customer to interact. Sales were accomplished as he or she participated in this type of hands-on experience…because, once they handled or tasted a product – they could also see themselves possessing and enjoying it. They understood how they could benefit from the item in their own daily kitchen experience.

You already know that driving traffic to your website is imperative to your online success. But, getting clients to your website is just the beginning. In my next blog, I will break down how to encourage them to move beyond window-shopping, give them reasons to “come on in” and keep them inside your site for increased sales opportunities.

It’s true that there are many millions vying for the consumer’s attention, but the way to a consumer’s heart has not changed all that much. They are still looking for the one who is interested in them, who cares about their needs, and makes being available to them a priority. It is still possible to stand out as the “One In A Million” and give a whole new meaning to your marketing efforts.

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