How Do You Communicate and Market Your Online Business to the World Marketplace?


By Charlotte L. Hanna CMO & Director of PMR for CMBS Global


Do you know how to market your business online? Do you know WHO your market really is? Do you communicate well with your market? Are you visible in the world marketplace?

Do questions like these make your head spin?                     

How you communicate and market your business is vital to your online success, but it need not make you dizzy. My hunch is that you are one of those entrepreneurs who realize the importance of communicating and marketing online – but have trouble finding the time to do it consistently and effectively. That may be GOOD news. I mean, if you are that busy – then you must be doing something right – right?

Unfortunately, small business owners are seldom too busy to give their needed attention to such an important aspect of their online enterprise because business is booming. More often than not, failure to communicate what they do and market what they offer to the world marketplace is simply a lack of organization and focus on their part. It may sound harsh, but your head may be spinning because you are in need of help and have ignored your need, thinking that you can do it all by yourself.

Understandably, most small business owners do not have unlimited funds – so trying to do everything usually becomes necessary for survival. However, if you are doing it ALL out of necessity – you still must do it well – or you will save yourself nothing in the end…and perhaps miss out on what you need most – INCOME!

So, let’s sort this out and stop the madness that is too often associated with communicating and marketing your business online.

There is nothing gained without a little effort. If you have been doing your own communicating and marketing – and just not getting the results you had envisioned – Congratulate yourself on the effort. Then, take a look at the information I offer below and compare it to what you have been doing. Doing something is better than doing nothing – unless you are doing it incorrectly.

Doing a certain thing consistently for 21 days creates a habit…whether good or bad. No worries! You can break the bad habits and institute new ones in the same amount of time with a little determination and support. If you are determined to get it right – the information below can support you in your efforts. NOTE: Key to getting this right begins with knowing WHO your market is.

How To Communicate and Market Your Online Business Effectively:

→Get your brand into the marketplace by being in the consumer’s face. This doesn’t mean that you should use annoying tactics. There are so many opportunities to be consistently visual in the marketplace using social media, yet too many entrepreneurs are not making the most out of this available, effective – and free of cost – medium.

*      Be on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Ryze, Yelp, etc. – put your business info where your clients and customers hangout and make social networking work for you. Be sure your info is thorough and up to date.

Understand that marketing is really about being knowledgeable and making good decisions.

      *     Define Marketing:

·         Building Brand Loyalty

·         Bigger than just the product/service

·         Engages the consumer

·         Differentiates and sets you apart from the rest

·         Adds value

·         Explains Benefits

·         Can easily be shared

*      Blog: But don’t confuse social blogging with business blogging. Business blogging is not about chatting it up for the sake of comments. Business blogging involves some thought and creativity and should provide connection to your website (and any other relative business materials) to be most effective. 

*      Branding: Brands are chosen by consumers because of personal experiences with particular companies. Your brand is the emotional connection – how your services and products make life better for the consumer. Understand what makes you unique and build your brand on that, focusing on your specific client or customer.

*      Customer: Know them! Know who they are, what they do, how they spend their time and why they need you – then show them ALL the benefits of choosing you.

*      Competition: Know them! Don’t fear them – embrace them. This will make it easier for you to be different, to develop your products and services in a way that stands out, and to speak to why you are not “the other guy”.

*      Occupy: Determine to make your customer’s think of you as often as possible. Be in their minds by consistently communicating with them about what you provide, how you do it for them and the reasons why you do it. Occupy their minds.

*      Press Releases: Every new product or service, every event you are involved with, every change in your company, basically nearly every move you make is cause for a Press Release. Free P.R. is available – paid is optional – both can provide you the desired higher visibility in the marketplace.

Relationships are built through consistent communication and loyalty is birthed from positive relationships that satisfy needs and provide benefits.You may be skilled at what you do, operate with complete integrity and provide above average services with amazing benefits – but if you fail to communicate and market your online business effectively to the world marketplace…no one will know how wonderful you are but YOU. Show and tell the marketplace, and more specifically YOUR market, just why you really are as great as you know you are. Get them to think that way about you and see you as the solution that they cannot live without – and you will see a change in your income!

If you have compared what you are doing with what I’ve shared here and realize you need help with your efforts – make timetodayfor a totally free consultation and lean how CMBS Global is looking forward to helping you communicate and market your online business.

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