How to End the Struggle, Keep Up and Meet Your Needs for Content Creation

by Charlotte L. Hanna CMO/Director of PMR/CMBS Globalkeep up

Are you struggling to create enough content to keep up with your online marketing needs? We have recently begun to step up our business blogging efforts here at CMBS Global and I will admit, the ideas for content creation do not always readily flow – especially when the need also requires it to be fresh, interesting, informative and compelling. If you are like me, it may be that you are often inspired – but actually creating daily, quality content for marketing your products and services is truly hard work! I’d like to share some tips from sources that have been extremely helpful to me and may help bring an end to your struggle, as well.

What are your content needs?

I honestly did not see this for the longest time when I began to blog. As a Virtual Assistant company that provides clients with a variety of marketing materials and back office support, I understood what the client’s needs for content creation were, far better than I did that of our company. Why? Well, for one thing, as I mentioned we offer a variety of services. Most, if not all of our clients, are pretty focused on one particular niche. When addressing their content needs, the focus is on that identified market and the goal for the particular project, whether it be the launch of a new product, an upcoming webinar or teleseminar series or the weekly ezine to their contact list. Our market, on the other hand, seemed to be too broad to me, because of how varied our client’s markets are. I struggled until I understood that, while there may be a wide variety of ways to describe what our clients offer – what we are providing simply makes whatever they are doing, easier for them to accomplish. Not so difficult when you look at it that way, right?  I just needed to rethink (or correct the thinking) that was affecting my approach to content creation for our company.

I suggest that you sit down and brainstorm your content needs with other members of your organization – or if you are a solopreneur – recruit a few close friends to do this with. Once you get the mystery of the TRUE IDENTITY of your market solved…you will be on your way to easier and more effective content creation. Remember: if you are marketing yourself, YOU are the product. Write your content accordingly.

Do you have the time for content creation?

You may be just too busy to keep up with content creation. Entrepreneurs are notorious for trying to do more in 24 hours than the average person. Those who are not of the entrepreneurial mindset don’t have to worry about running out of ideas – they are excited to get one now and then. But, for those of us who find ideas flying in and out of our “brainisphere” like the air traffic at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International – it’s no easy task to keep up with all that is required to market successfully. You may need to think about outsourcing your content creation. If you are blessed to already work with a wonderfully talented writer, don’t ignore the fact that even one blog post can take quite some time to complete from beginning to end. Writing is just one facet of the process. There is also the crucial editing time. Research can add up, too. Can one writer handle all of that for you? If there is a question about keeping up with the needs for researching, writing and editing – consider also, the ability to consistently maintain the quality and standards necessary to achieve desired results. Lack of results, waning click-thru rates, decreased sales – all can be indicative of the need to outsource your content creation.

There are ways to measure the effectiveness of your content.

Content is important to every area of your online presence. From the content of your website, to your social media campaigns… (you are doing Press Releases, right?) – even your email marketing content must be given regular attention. If you are not posting regularly to Facebook because you don’t have the time or tweeting on Twitter routinely – you will all too soon realize the importance of these and the negative effects of ignoring your followers. A decrease in followers can mean a decrease in visibility for you on the web.

Are you using Google Analytics to track your conversion rates? Your content is not working for you if it is not causing readers to take some sort of action. What do you want readers to do?

  • Read more?
  • Click here?
  • Buy now?
  • Sign up?

Be sure that your writing abilities are up to the task of getting measurable results. If they aren’t, find someone who can write for you and make things happen.

Take note of where your content ranks in the search engines. If you can’t find your own blog – you need help with your content creation. SEO is not only important, it is vital to your online survival. This is no longer an option for the serious entrepreneur whose goal is to get noticed, stay visible and earn a living. Every word COUNTS! And, the rules are constantly changing in the online marketing game. But, if the content writer knows the score going in…the odds for winning increase dramatically…and success is no longer only a dream.

I trust you see the importance of your content creation and have made the decision to upgrade your efforts. You can keep up and meet your needs for consistently creative and effective content, you may just need a little help. Hopefully, the tips (and links to sources) I’ve shared will end your struggle with “How”.

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