Knowing Your Product Must Include Understanding the Benefits

by Charlotte L. Hanna CMO/Director of PMR/CMBS Global

Knowing your product is key to selling. Any good salesperson knows that to sell a product, they must know as much as possible about it and to sell consistently they must also be able to communicate the benefits of that product to potential buyers. Knowing your product MUST include understanding how it benefits others, because benefits – not features – sell.

While this is not news to an experienced salesperson…it may be news to the online entrepreneur who is single-handedly working to build a business and wondering why all of their hard work and time consuming efforts don’t seem to be paying off.

Many entrepreneurs involved in building an online business are missing out on sales because they are overlooking the benefits their products and services provide. Today’s online entrepreneurs are usually a one-man or one-woman enterprise. Chances are they came up with the idea for their business and they are the sole marketer, content writer, product or service creator, salesperson, spokesperson, manager – and more.

Whew! That’s enough to make even a SUPER HERO’S head spin!

You can know all about your book, your coaching package or your upcoming event – but as a Solopreneur (the entrepreneur equivalent of a super hero) you may be missing out on the most important concept of online marketing…and that is that YOU are your product! Not your book, your coaching package or your upcoming event – but YOU are what you must be selling.

Now, I’m pretty sure you know about YOU…but again, any good salesperson will attest to the fact that knowing about you (the product) is not what will convince a potential customer to buy. Features tell what the product (you) does. It is helpful to know…but the reality is this: potential buyers take action and make purchases based on the benefits to them.

It may surprise you (I know it surprised me) to learn that we don’t often make purchases with our brains. I always thought that I employed ‘intelligent reasoning’ when buying. I may give some purchases more weight than others, but most of the time it happens this way: I am “liking what I’m seeing” and I am going with what makes me happy! In other words, if I can see how I am going to benefit by owning a particular item…even if it costs a bit more than another…I’m going with the one that is most appealing to my emotional need at the time. The benefit to me may be that it makes me look good, feel good, makes my life easier, better, healthier, etc. If I am going to spend my money – I have to feel good about spending my money!

To know how you benefit potential customers and clients – you must also know THEM. You must know and understand what they are needing and wanting before you can know how you might benefit them…or if you are even able to benefit them.

I don’t have to tell you that you are not the only entrepreneur in the online market. To stand out in the crowd and make yourself known – you must know whom you most benefit and how to get to them.

So, as a Solopreneur, do you know and understand what benefits YOU provide? Remember – you are your product.

  • Why should a potential client or customer choose you? 
  • What do you provide that no one else provides? 
  • What do you offer that makes life better, healthier, easier, more productive, etc.?
  • What do you do that makes business more visible, profitable, manageable, etc.?
  • How do you make others look better, feel better, work better, live better?

These are the benefits to those considering purchasing from you, working with you, hiring you – or even hearing from you.

You have got to know your competition, as well, if you are to set yourself apart and better present your benefits. Do you really offer anything unique from the competition? Or do you come off looking and sounding just like all the rest competing for business in your market?

You can’t afford to underestimate the competition, that’s a given. As an online entrepreneur who is trying to do it all in today’s busy market – you can’t afford to ignore the benefits of investing in a team who can help you stand out from the rest and promote the benefits of what you do, either. Don’t hesitate to get professional support and assistance.

Knowing your product MUST include helping potential customers and clients to understand the benefits you are able to provide them. Understanding the benefits will enable them to hire you, buy from you, and hear from you. 

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