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Though there are many important details to consider when planning any event, you need not be overwhelmed. CMBS Global makes it easy to host your own virtual event – the way you envision it. As with a traditional event, a virtual event is more manageable when the process is broken down into smaller components and we will assist you in preparing for your online event, helping you to realize greater success by employing the necessary steps outlined below:

  • Strategy
  • Registration
  • Marketing
  • Speakers
  • Confirmations
  • Logistics
  • Follow-up

Strategy is important – and we make it our priority to assist you with the details from START to FINISH. Your first step will be to meet with us and discuss what it is you want to do. The purpose of your event can help determine how you present your information.  When you wish to hold the event and where (if live) will also help to determine the most effective strategy for marketing your event. We will provide you with:

  • An outline of the plan – allowing everyone to know what to expect, including a time-line of what steps will be taken and when
  • Confirmation of Speakers and Dates for those co-hosting your event with you
  • Scheduling of a Preview Call
  • Finalization of any incentives, process requirements, and legal guidelines as needed

Registration is next. We will assist you in developing a registration page for your event. CMBS Global will help with design, layout and content of the registration page for your event, as well as the following items necessary to completing your event’s online site:

  • Information Page
  • Registration Form
  • Thank You Page
  • Tracking and Confirmations
  • Home Page Promotion
  • Review Registration Numbers
  • Registration Validation

Marketing is also vital to the success of your event and at CMBS Global, we believe the world is your marketplace. Our effective marketing involves a variety of proven strategies, making sure that all promotions offer the ability to click through your site, offering maximum opportunity for registering. The list below represents the most highly recommended ways to best promote your event:

  • Web Site Advertising – your own, partner sites, sponsor sites, etc.
  • Email Newsletters – Text, HTML
  • Email Blasts – Text, HTML, VIDEO
  • Search Engines
  • Press Releases – Free and Paid Sites
  • Social Media
  • Blogs

At CMBS Global, we are committed to learning the latest creative and cutting-edge options for online marketing and making those available to you. We understand that attendance of your virtual events is driven by content, relevance, and an immersive media experience. We encourage our clients to test the waters and not be afraid to leave the comfort of their existing cookie-cutter plan. We realize your audience is evolving – and our goal is to provide you the most effective tools to evolve right along with it.

Speakers for your event play a key role in the level of interest shown by your market. If you choose to invite others to co-host your event, we will work with you to provide them clear outlines and firm deadlines, confirming their participation and acquiring any additional information needed of them for successful promotion leading up to your event – and quality presentation during the event.

Confirmations are part of the vital communication necessary to the success of your online event. We make sure no crucial detail is overlooked prior to your production – including how to join the event, what time the event will take place, necessary phone numbers, links, and access codes. All are provided promptly and efficiently, along with timely reminders to keep your audience aware and informed. We work to ensure that your audience is captured, registered, and sitting on the edge of their seats in anticipation of your message!

Logistics & Contingency Plans – We believe in being over-prepared for your virtual event. Providing you the support needed to ensure that all involved with your event are prepared and briefed, will help to limit the possibility of potential issues prior to the scheduled date – allowing YOU to remain clear and focused.

Follow-up is essential! We cannot stress this enough. Ultimately, the success of your online event is determined by the strength of the impression you make on your audience – FIRST AND LAST. The goal of CMBS Global is to assist you in the planning and execution of a quality presentation that leaves your audience with a lasting and powerful impression of both you and your event, leaving them wanting for more and positioning you for an in-demand future presentation.