The CMBS Global Advantage

Speaker/Author Management

Service – We realize that time is of the essence and accuracy is key to the event planner/hiring authority. To our clients, we offer a commitment of support and a world of opportunity to ensure their enduring success in any industry. We believe that being of service to both parties is not only vital – it’s simply the only way to perform in business. Satisfaction is our goal, and we give both the event manager/hiring authority and our client world-class service.

For Event Planners & Hiring Authorities

Management Expertise – Supplying you with top notch ROI and ROO is just part of the unsurpassed operational support we provide when helping you book one of our speakers or hire one of our executives. Our focused assistance allows you to focus on developing the best event or team ever, enabling our clients to focus on providing the very best to enhance your objectives. You’ll experience the way in which partnering with CMBS Global can make all the difference in the world.

Networking Savvy – You’ll benefit from our decades of experience, impeccable reputation, and respected ability to lead, guide, and source with integrity. We understand the power of the spoken word, the impact of a professional production, and the benefits of a lasting impression. You will find exactly what you are looking for when hiring a top event presenter, business lecturer, motivational speaker, or corporate player. Some of the best in the world rely on our global resources.


  • Unforgettable service
  • Extraordinary results
  • Exceptional professionalism
  • Accelerated  business growth
  • Consistent, timely communication
  • Immeasurable enthusiasm and knowledge
  • Guaranteed satisfaction