At CMBS Global, we offer retainer-based fees, including discounts, based upon the total number of monthly hours a client selects. Clients may choose the number of hours they wish to retain each month – from a minimum of 10 to 20+ hours — according to their personal needs, comfort, and feasibility.

Because we want our clients to be 100% comfortable with their decision to work with us, we routinely encourage people to explore all available options prior to considering contracting any fee-based service (including our own), so as not to incur any unnecessary financial burden.

As a result, our clients have weighed the options and have determined our retainer fee to be a significant and worthwhile investment when compared to personal time spent, or opportunities lost, in pursuit of their next speaking engagement.

Our contract is always month-to-month, thereby allowing clients to decide whether or not to continue using our services at the end of each and every month. That fact alone speaks volumes, not only to our commitment of ensuring positive results to you, the client, but also to our level of confidence in our ability to assist clients in finding just the right opportunities!

We encourage each client to allow two solid weeks of work – or 80 hours minimum – to best judge our effectiveness. However, we absolutely do not hold any client to that time frame and every client may cancel their contract with us at any time.

What We Do

We provide a very specialized and proactive service, uniquely tailored to the individual client. Partnering with CMBS Global provides you a team of qualified people, working together, with the sole purpose of finding opportunities for you which align with your specific criteria and goals.

We never guarantee bookings/offers – as no one could – however, we do open doors and make introductions to those who are looking for our client’s specific skills, background, and message. We do guarantee that our clients will experience our dedication from the very beginning, to the end, of our association.

Our firm’s mission and culture is one based upon excellence of execution, combined with total accountability and constant communication, from start-to-finish. CMBS Global clients have a team of specialists consistently working on their behalf, ensuring the time and resources necessary to make each client a priority.

We actively conduct search campaigns for our clients. We do not simply advise, coach, and direct – WE DO the work! The most time consuming and difficult task of driving any campaign is acquiring an audience with the right person and effectively marketing the speaker/author. This is what our clients pay us to do.

We are not paid merely to update the client’s online presence, or revamp speaker one sheets and media kits, nor simply gather a list of target agencies to be contacted by the client (although we can do all of those things, as well). We are contracted to actually get on the phone and utilize our PR/Marketing expertise to educate and enlighten the known target audience about our exceptional client – YOU!

Why CMBS Global Is The Professional’s Choice

We understand your needs as someone looking to present your message to a target audience. Our team of professionals is comprised of those familiar with all aspects of stage work, promotion, and presentation. Not only do we have the experience, we have the resources to ensure that whatever your needs and goals, we can give you the stage – locally and worldwide!

Our pledge to you:

  1. To work behind the scenes
  2. To pound the pavement
  3. To professionally and effectively represent you
  4. And  ultimately secure you the ideal speaking engagements

Our focus is on making the contacts for you, consistently, while utilizing the best communication tools available, including telephone, email, and even web cam. We maintain constant contact with you, ensuring that you remain aware of all that is happening within your campaign. Upon becoming a CMBS Global client, your assigned team will work on a very personal level, side-by-side with you, in an effort to aggressively seek out those opportunities best suited to you.

And we won’t stop until we get it right!

We work tirelessly, so you don’t have to. We give your campaign the same focus you would. We believe that the world is your marketplace and it is always our goal to give you the world.

For more information on how CMBS Global can assist you with all your Professional Management and Representation needs, contact us today.