How to Repurpose Content: What Bitly Discovered About Social Media

re-purpose your contentBitly reports it has discovered that the typical half-life of a link on Twitter to be just 2.8hours! And Bitly’s analysis goes on to state that the half-life of a link on YouTube is a mere 7.4 hours.

For those involved with online marketing, the importance of SEO cannot be stressed enough. Content must be optimized for the search engines, but the reality is that SEO isn’t magic. The quality of your content also matters. [Read more…]

3 Common Reasons You Don’t Understand and 3 Easy Solutions for Better Understanding Right in Front of Your Nose

This is personal. Sometimes I just don’t understand what another person or party wants. Ever been there? I can read the email, listen to the idea, see the example – and still miss the mark. If, like me, you want better understanding…Businessman Cover His Head With Bag by pakorn FreeDigitalPhotosdotnet Stock Photo ID-100114875this blog is for you.

Just the other day, I was working on a task for a client and had the instructions in an email right in front of my nose. I read through the words, but somehow developed quite a different view of what was actually being requested of me. I went about completing the task, confident that I had given the client exactly what they had wanted and needed. But, a few hours later, I realized that I had completely overlooked an important sentence in the email instructions and (more than likely) confused the client. How did I miss such a key element in the instructions I was given?

I believe there are 3 common reasons you and I don’t understand what is being communicated to us at times: [Read more…]

The Right Team Provides a Good Fit for Your Passion for the Work

I’m thinking about the young baseball enthusiast with a passion for the game, but no formal training. Let’s say that he wants to be a pitcher.Baseb In Hand Stock Photo ID-10036429 by Meawpong3405 He may be a natural – but, odds are, even though he has a deep love of the game, possesses a high level of skill, and an insatiable hunger to play, it will most likely require a lot of work and hours of learning (combined with extra effort) to garner the attention of the pro scouts and eventually make it to the major leagues.

Let’s say that same young man makes it into the farm system and eventually gets called up. He still must work for the position he desires and work to maintain that position. Maybe the coaches love him – maybe they don’t. Maybe they’re not sure how they feel about him and are looking to him to help them make up their minds. Whatever the situation – it is his opportunity to prove what he can do there. [Read more…]

Communication, Marketing and Business Solutions

by Charlotte L. Hanna CMO/Director of PMR/CMBS Global


When weighing effective business solutions, two of the most important tools you will ever implement are Communication and Marketing. Skills within these areas are a must and in today’s online marketplace, often governed by technology. Even ‘word of mouth’ (a great form of advertising) is widely accomplished via Social Media.

Here are some simple steps to ensure better communication and marketing for your business:

[Read more…]

Are Your Marketing and Advertising Integrated for Maximum Effect?


By Charlotte L. Hanna CMO/CMBS Global


What does the term “integrated advertising and marketing” really mean? And why should you be aware of the potential maximum effect it can have on your business?

According to Rochelle Reiter, agency principal at Orange Label Art + Advertising, “It is the coordination and integration of all of a company’s advertising and marketing communications into a cohesive plan that maximizes the impact on customers and prospects. An integrated plan is designed to make all aspects of marketing communications (e.g., advertising, sales, marketing, PR and online) work together as a unified and integrated force, rather than allowing each component to function independently.”

Wes Phillips, also an agency principal at Orange Label Art + Advertising, noted in a recent online article that, “It is important that a company’s leaders understand and comprehend the goals and objectives of an integrated campaign and are aligned on the strategy and messaging.” He believes that the support of management, sufficient time, and budget resources are important to the perception of the strategy as a priority.

But what does this all mean to the entrepreneur? [Read more…]

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