How to Repurpose Content: What Bitly Discovered About Social Media

re-purpose your contentBitly reports it has discovered that the typical half-life of a link on Twitter to be just 2.8hours! And Bitly’s analysis goes on to state that the half-life of a link on YouTube is a mere 7.4 hours.

For those involved with online marketing, the importance of SEO cannot be stressed enough. Content must be optimized for the search engines, but the reality is that SEO isn’t magic. The quality of your content also matters. [Read more…]

Content Lions Among Pandas and Penguins in an SEO Zoo

A few years ago, Content Farms were recognized as a real threat to search engine giant, Google. The lion’s share of traffic (thus, revenue) was going to those producing volumes of Untitled-210low quality content, which in turn produced less than impressive results in Google search. The most popular attractions, no longer provided the best results for visitors, so like a good zookeeper, Google introduced their Panda in 2011, followed by their Penguin in 2012. Panda rewards companies that invest in high-quality content and Penguin, the result of work by engineers at Mountain View, reduced the effectiveness of low-value links.

Content Marketing is, in a sense, raising up Lions among the SEO Pandas and Penguins – and Content Lions (those who are able to produce great content that attracts visitors AND consistently provide them satisfying results) make for happy (search engine) zookeepers!

  • Google rankings are directly related to the social success of content.
  • Is your content being shared?
  • Are any credible websites linking to your content?
  • Do you have any followers and, if so, how many?
  • Does anyone engage, comment, like, etc., on your content?

Every time someone searches on Google there is fierce competition for their attention and, in that way, it can quite literally seem a zoo!  There are plenty of cute little monkeys with engaging antics, lovely-to-look at peacocks who aren’t afraid to strut their stuff, and exotic, rare breeds that cause many to stop and stare. Lions know that to capture the attention of those visiting the zoo, they must roar loudly and make more noise than all the other animals. Lions also understand that looking regal is simply not enough to keep their visitor’s attention. They must back up all of that noise with a show of strength (even a little aggressive attitude now and again) giving visitors just enough to keep them coming back for more. Therefore, to be successful when creating content for your business, you must focus on becoming the Main Attraction and settling for nothing less.

In the SEO zoo of marketing online, great content producers, know how to grab attention, engage, and impact – leaving the visitor talking about the Content Lion for weeks, months – even years – to come! Are you a Content Lion – or just Monkeying around? Contact us for more successful SEO results and see what great content can do for your business!

Are You Showing Up For Work In Google and Bing Search Results?

Like most entrepreneurs and small business owners, you are showing up forGoogle ONE standard B work every day and giving your company your best, the results of a great work ethic combined with integrityThe question that begs to be asked in this technological age is, “Are you showing up in Google, Bing and other search engines?” If the answer is anything other than a resounding, “Yes!” you are helping everyone but yourself when it comes to reaching your audience, your prospective clients and customers. How? Well, if you aren’t showing up for work in the search engines – you’re allowing those businesses that are to have your piece of the marketing pie…and believe me, they are hungry to help themselves to a major helping of your market.

Consider that a great majority of clients believe that if you’re able to get your own agency, company, or firm to show up in search results for their industry, you are likely to be good at getting them to show up at the top of search engine’s lists, too. Being easy to find online by those looking for what you do, also helps them to see you as the capable one with whom they want to work. [Read more…]

How to End the Struggle, Keep Up and Meet Your Needs for Content Creation

by Charlotte L. Hanna CMO/Director of PMR/CMBS Globalkeep up

Are you struggling to create enough content to keep up with your online marketing needs? We have recently begun to step up our business blogging efforts here at CMBS Global and I will admit, the ideas for content creation do not always readily flow – especially when the need also requires it to be fresh, interesting, informative and compelling. If you are like me, it may be that you are often inspired – but actually creating daily, quality content for marketing your products and services is truly hard work! I’d like to share some tips from sources that have been extremely helpful to me and may help bring an end to your struggle, as well.

What are your content needs?

I honestly did not see this for the longest time when I began to blog. As a Virtual Assistant company that provides clients with a variety of marketing materials and back office support, I understood what the client’s needs for content creation were, far better than I did that of our company. Why? Well, for one thing, as I mentioned we offer a variety of services. Most, if not all of our clients, are pretty focused on one particular niche. When addressing their content needs, the focus is on that identified market and the goal for the particular project, whether it be the launch of a new product, an upcoming webinar or teleseminar series or the weekly ezine to their contact list. Our market, on the other hand, seemed to be too broad to me, because of how varied our client’s markets are. I struggled until I understood that, while there may be a wide variety of ways to describe what our clients offer – what we are providing simply makes whatever they are doing, easier for them to accomplish. Not so difficult when you look at it that way, right?  I just needed to rethink (or correct the thinking) that was affecting my approach to content creation for our company.

I suggest that you sit down and brainstorm your content needs with other members of your organization – or if you are a solopreneur – recruit a few close friends to do this with. Once you get the mystery of the TRUE IDENTITY of your market solved…you will be on your way to easier and more effective content creation. Remember: if you are marketing yourself, YOU are the product. Write your content accordingly. [Read more…]

Don’t Chase The Trend…Set It!

By Charlotte L. Hanna CCO CMBS Global


Google Trends is a tool that shows the world’s interest in certain topics, the frequency with which those topics have appeared in Google News stories, and in which geographical regions people have searched those topics most. The data is updated daily.

You can also see the day’s top 40 fastest-rising search queries in the U.S. under Hot Searches. This data reflects “sudden surges in popularity”, and like much of the nation’s “weather” (a term considered too generic for Hot Searches, by the way) this information changes rapidly, so Google updates it hourly.

Unfortunately, the data produced for these tools may contain inaccuracies, and is therefore not the most reliable source for knowing and understanding exactly what topics or key phrases your target market is searching. Trends can be fun and interesting – but for more accurately tapping into the searches of your target market, you will probably want to rely on another of Google’s free tools called Google Insights for Search. [Read more…]

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