What Is The Best Approach To Blogging? How Having a Goal Helps You Blog More Effectively

by Charlotte L. Hanna CMO and Director of PMR / CMBS Global


To be truly effective when writing content for business blogging from the angle of teaching (as Marcus Sheridan suggests) we must remain approachable. No teacher is looked to as a resource or mentor unless those who need their help view them as approachable.

Bloggers should avoid writing as though ‘looking for a fight’ – this can cause the entire article to be written from a defensive voice. Instead, writing from our passion may invite debate, but it won’t invoke hostility toward our words, it will more likely engage and then provoke thought and possibly conversation.

I am reminded of those instructors who NEVER made me feel threatened as a student. If they asked if there were any questions, I felt they were inviting me to learn something. Because they were approachable and willing to establish a rapport with their students, I could truly learn from them. Those I found to be unapproachable were those who (by their words, tone or body language) appeared ready to put me down for not just accepting what they were saying or responded as though I were challenging them in some way. I could not develop a relationship with them – and the fact is, without relationship, nothing is learned.

I want people to read what I write and benefit somehow. I try to engage, keep it interesting enough and challenging enough, without really caring whether or not everyone reading agrees, because that isn’t really my goal. My goal is to capture their attention, hold it long enough to give them something to think about and perhaps help make a difference for them. (For example: my goal is to invite readers to consider how they think about marketing themselves and their businesses online and what they can do to be more effective in their efforts.)

Here are a few ways to ensure more effective blogging through approach and goal setting:

*Determine who your audience is and know what they want to hear. Those who are of the same mindset will be less likely to be looking to disagree with the content just for the sake of disagreement.

*Don’t view a differing opinion as a threat; see it for what it is, a request for more information and another opportunity to build relationship with someone in your market, while encouraging them to consider another point of view.

*Your blog isn’t about you; it’s about what you have to offer those who need your help.

*Write from your passion and let real-life examples and data defend your ideas and your words.

*Invite people to read by lending your personality to each blog and then remain approachable and encourage relationship with your readers.

*Decide what the goal of your blog is. Without a goal, you will not be as effective with your content.

When we can put into words why we believe what we believe – express our passions and convictions – and then back it up  with real life examples, data, etc, there should be no debate that we have something to blog about!

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