What The World Is Looking For – And Why It Could Be You!

by Charlotte L. Hanna CMO/CMBS GLOBAL


Have you ever wondered if what you do is really all that important?

Like many, you may have convinced yourself that what the world is looking for could NOT POSSIBLY be you! You have probably told yourself that no matter how much you know you could contribute – there is surely someone else who is naturally more worthy and better equipped for the task.

Have you had an idea, but lacked the confidence that others would also find it worthwhile? Do you often go to bed at night and think, “What if…?” yet, come morning, choose to no longer entertain the thought?

Maybe you are an artist who works in unusual mediums and you are wondering if there might be a market for your creations, or a writer who has been contemplating a new book, but wondering if there would be any real interest in your subject matter.

Are you someone who has spoken before audiences when asked, but have never ventured onstage outside your local area because you were unsure of your market? Maybe you are a businessman or businesswoman who makes it possible for others to reach their goals, never to pursue your own.

The good news is that you are not alone! The bad news is that there are too many, just like you, who are standing in the shadows, in the wings, thinking that someone else who is more capable and deserving will soon enter the picture.

And you know what? They will – eventually. Wherever there is a need, there will come along someone who will eventually recognize that need and make the effort (or take the opportunity) to fulfill it.

Great entrepreneurs are those who recognize a need and decide to meet that need, or take that opportunity. They are not the people who stand around and “talk about it” with a nervous giggle in their voices. They are not the ones who run it by their family and friends for the sake of conversation with no intention of ever doing anything more about it. Successful entrepreneurs are those who get an idea, or see a need, and then decide how best to take action in a very timely manner… and DO it!

You see, the thing about a need or an opportunity is that it is most easily recognizable only for a moment.

For a very brief span of time a void may exist, but it will not last indefinitely, because quite often those who are most in need of a solution are also those who are most apt to supply the demand. In other words, desperate men are most likely to do desperate things. Where there is a will there is a way – and where there is a desperate need, there is definitely a will to fulfill that need at any cost.

What do you offer that the world needs? Well, it may not be entirely apparent to you at first…but if you take the time to look carefully at what you do, or what you have considered doing, you may begin to see what has been hidden from your view in the past. Thinking outside the box is the best exercise for the creative mind.

Innovation occurs daily. New ideas, new methods, new devices, or the latest technology – these are occurring each and every day. They don’t just ‘happen’. They are the result of someone taking action.

  • A new idea is made known when someone speaks it.
  • A new method is discovered when someone tries it for the first time.
  • A new tool, device, or piece of technology is nothing until someone, somewhere, decides to act upon that which they feel may be a solution.

When it comes to business, you may be wondering what you have to offer the world – but maybe you should be wondering what the world has to offer you. The world is a pretty big place with a lot of needs. There is a lot of room for innovation – but there are also many looking for such opportunities who have already decided to take action as soon as they see the need.

Don’t be left behind, waiting in the wings. The world may be looking for you and what you have to offer. You must be willing and ready to get out there on the stage of life and show them WHY they need you! 

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