Virtual Assistant Creative Marketing & Business Services

No long-term contracts: choose the services you need and how much you want to invest

Online Business Management

Benefit from our knowledge of online marketing and experience with up-to-date industry technology and essential tools.

Content Creation & Management

Multi-media content created by certified content marketers who know how to help you reach and engage your target audience.

Social Media Creation & Management

Creating, implementing, and scheduling to build relationships with brand loyalty - whenever and wherever you want.

Virtual Assistant (VA)Services

Professional, experienced, trained assistants to efficiently manage your projects, keep you organized, and consistently on track.

Website Design & ReDesign

Design concepts for new WordPress website builds as well as site re-designs for existing websites that need 'refreshed'.

Site Maintenance & Optimization

Scheduled maintenance to keep your WordPress site performing well 24-7; user friendly, and safely up-to-date.

Why Choose CMBS?

We offer entrepreneurs a variety of essential virtual assistant services for successfully developing, growing, and maintaining an online business.

We specialize in providing you sound guidance and direction for effective marketing.

And Our Affordable Month-to-Month Retainers Mean No Lengthy Contracts.

We Are Committed to Quality

Our standards are high and our work ethic unsurpassed. We don't promise what we can't deliver. And we won't deliver anything less than our best.

We Care About Your Business

When you succeed, we succeed. It's that simple - and that important to us. Every aspect of your online presence is given the attention it deserves.

We Care About Your Goals

You tell us where you want to go and we'll help direct the process so that, big or small, you hit your desired mark.

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