Are Your Marketing and Advertising Integrated for Maximum Effect?


By Charlotte L. Hanna CMO/CMBS Global


What does the term “integrated advertising and marketing” really mean? And why should you be aware of the potential maximum effect it can have on your business?

According to Rochelle Reiter, agency principal at Orange Label Art + Advertising, “It is the coordination and integration of all of a company’s advertising and marketing communications into a cohesive plan that maximizes the impact on customers and prospects. An integrated plan is designed to make all aspects of marketing communications (e.g., advertising, sales, marketing, PR and online) work together as a unified and integrated force, rather than allowing each component to function independently.”

Wes Phillips, also an agency principal at Orange Label Art + Advertising, noted in a recent online article that, “It is important that a company’s leaders understand and comprehend the goals and objectives of an integrated campaign and are aligned on the strategy and messaging.” He believes that the support of management, sufficient time, and budget resources are important to the perception of the strategy as a priority.

But what does this all mean to the entrepreneur?

  •  An integrated strategy can help to clearly separate your company from the competition. When all of your messages are consistent, your target prospects will understand what your brand stands for and what sets you apart. An integrated strategy also creates credibility. Consistent messaging across multiple media platforms establishes the impression that your brand is reliable. The more trust created for you and your business, the less perceived risk in buying your products.
  • Increased return on investment is another benefit. Integrating your advertising and marketing causes each message across the various mediums to provide leverage to the next, adding up to more productivity and a more profitable payoff. When you are not reinventing the wheel with each new ad campaign, marketing costs will be lower. Leveraging your core campaign theme and copy messages, along with your photography across various media allows you to get more mileage out of your initial investment.
  • If you are blessed to have a team of individuals working with you, they will better understand, become more aware and be more aligned on overall company objectives with an integrated ad and marketing strategy. Imagine time no longer lost when you are able to prevent one department from coming up with an idea, implementing it and never communicating it with the rest of the company. In other words, an integrated approach helps to avoid a fragmented strategy, which ultimately results in confusion and potential financial loss.

What is needed to make the move toward such an extensive, yet remarkably profitable marketing strategy?

There are a number of demands that accompany such a powerful tool and even large companies must consider the extra strain that can be imposed on their internal staff. As a Solo Professional, chances are you do most – if not all – of your own work. The good news is that the resourceful entrepreneur has only to look to find outside resources such as a team of copywriters, web designers, artists, and back office assistants who can align and partner their skill sets with the business owner who is ready to take action.

Finding a team to help you build an integrated marketing and advertising strategy can afford you the control needed to properly manage that marketing strategy and realize your business goals. Communication, Marketing and Business Solutions can make all the difference to your success and level of achievement, but only if you take that first step toward defining your business goals for the next year and then deciding what investment you will make to ensure that your business grows. 

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