What The World Is Looking For – And Why It Could Be You!

by Charlotte L. Hanna CMO/CMBS GLOBAL


Have you ever wondered if what you do is really all that important?

Like many, you may have convinced yourself that what the world is looking for could NOT POSSIBLY be you! You have probably told yourself that no matter how much you know you could contribute – there is surely someone else who is naturally more worthy and better equipped for the task.

Have you had an idea, but lacked the confidence that others would also find it worthwhile? Do you often go to bed at night and think, “What if…?” yet, come morning, choose to no longer entertain the thought?

Maybe you are an artist who works in unusual mediums and you are wondering if there might be a market for your creations, or a writer who has been contemplating a new book, but wondering if there would be any real interest in your subject matter.

Are you someone who has spoken before audiences when asked, but have never ventured onstage outside your local area because you were unsure of your market? Maybe you are a businessman or businesswoman who makes it possible for others to reach their goals, never to pursue your own. [Read more…]

The State Of Your Business – Where Will You Invest Yourself?

by Charlotte L. Hanna CMO/CMBS GLOBAL

My husband works for the world’s largest and most recognizable maker of mining equipment used underground. He has invested 37 years of his 56 years here on this earth in helping to keep this company the successful and productive player that it is in the world market.

Though only one of about 1300 people employed at this facility, he is very good at what he does, and as such, is respected for his abilities by those with whom and for whom he works, day in and day out, week after week, month after month, year after year. He has been consistently committed to doing a great job and has always retained a certain level of pride in the products he helps to create and in the company that has played such an important role in the economy of the area in which we live.

He considers himself blessed to have found a job that he could “sink his teeth into”, hold onto for so long, and maintain earning a decent living while doing something he genuinely enjoys.

Much has changed over the past 37 years. [Read more…]

Entrepreneurs With Building Skills Required To Avert Foundational Issues

by Charlotte L. Hanna CMO/CMBS GLOBAL

A sound and firm foundation is crucial to any structure. Whether building a house or a business, the first level is always what the rest of the structure relies upon for support. The ability to remain standing in the midst of a variety of storms, the ability to remain strong and unshaken, will depend on how well the foundation was constructed.

A strong, well-laid foundation has never been more needed than it is today, both in the physical and business realms. Catastrophic weather conditions have rocked the earth and catastrophic financial conditions have rocked our economy over the past several years. People have lost what they could see and touch and hold with their own hands, as well as the investments they had made in a future yet to come.

Now is the time to consider all of your options, while there are still some options to be considered. But don’t let a cracked foundation cause you to move on or abandon your efforts – take a closer look and see if repairing the structural damage may be more cost effective in today’s market. [Read more…]


by Charlotte L. Hanna CMBS Global


Getting Engaged” – the act that occurs (usually after much searching) when one proposes to another that due to compatibility, they should agree to ‘join forces’ for life, and prepare for that committed union known as a marriage.

The act of “Getting Engaged” may be performed with great sincerity, romantically, ceremoniously, or without much ado – even with humor. It really depends on the personalities of those involved. However, no matter the manner, it should involve a measure of persuasive communication to indicate the desire for a deeper, long-lasting relationship, which will compel a positive response to that request.

As an entrepreneur, one of the most effective ways to establish a relationship with those in your niche market is to share your message on a regular basis. Communication is vital, and though you may not be see yourself as a public speaker, you should know that there is no replacement for making your presence noticed and your voice heard in today’s marketplace.

Your book, products, and services, need to be as visible as possible to your market. Your webpage, combined with the best online marketing tools and SEO, is a great start, but most consumers and clients want to be able to put a face with the name behind the product. They are more secure about their purchase of goods and services from someone to whom they can feel personally connected. [Read more…]

5 Tips To Help You Build a Successful Online Business

By Stephanie Avery COO CMBS Global


So you are thinking of marketing yourself on the internet but are not sure where to start.  With all of the technological outlets available, it can be overwhelming.  Many people still rely on referrals to bring business or to be found in the yellow pages. But in this day and age, that isn’t enough.   So if you want to successfully build your business and make money, here are five tips to help you get started.

Do not underestimate what you are worth. Many businesses fail because the owner doesn’t really believe in himself.  As the old adage goes, “if you don’t believe in yourself, then how do you expect others to believe in you?”  You have to be able to sell yourself and the first step is to have confidence in the service you provide.   Do not quit too early.  Everyone has good days and bad days when starting their online business.  It is no different than the ups and downs of the brick and mortar business world. [Read more…]

Why Internet Retailers Are Redesigning Their Websites

By Stephanie Avery COO CMBS Global

Because of the struggling economy, consumers are more thoughtful in their purchases. This results in more research of the product as well as shopping around for the best price. They look for coupons, promotions and free shipping. Consumers are also more tech savvy and use a variety of resources to seek information they need. Because of this, retailers are reevaluating and revamping their marketing approach to attract and keep customers. They are adopting new trends, especially with their website.

According to the E-tailing Group, an e-commerce research company, 49% of merchants will look to switch website platforms and many others will perform website redesign. WordPress is one of the most popular and effective platforms there is. One popular addition to ecommerce websites is adding a ‘live chat’ feature. This enables users to multi-task while they chat and gives them immediate answers to their questions. With email and texting as the preferred way of communication, it makes sense the consumer would prefer to chat than call the company’s call center. [Read more…]

Why Should I Use WordPress in Web Design?

By Stephanie Avery COO CMBS Global

No matter how many websites I design and develop, this is inevitably one of the questions I’m asked.  WordPress is so widely popular and many people have heard of this platform.  However most are not quite sure why it is so popular and why it is recommended.  Below are just a few reasons why we choose WordPress as our platform for website design.

1. WordPress automatically solves most SEO issues.  It takes care of 80-90% of the mechanics used when developing a website so it can be found by Google.  WordPress has built in SEO.

2. WordPress allows you to customize the blog post names so they are not just numbers or irrelevant words.  These are called permalinks. This gives Google information about your page.

3. Getting good search engine ranking means to have relevant, fresh and changing content.  Google ‘sees’ fresh content first. The more often it is updated, the more times Google crawls the site.  WordPress makes this happen by providing an easy way to blog right there on the site.

4. It is FREE!  WordPress is open source which means it can be used on any website without paying any fees.   Your website is owned by you, not anyone else, not even the designer. [Read more…]

Why Your Webstore Must Offer More

By Stephanie Avery COO CMBS Global


How many times have you attempted to make an online purchase from a website store but found yourself becoming Online Shoppingextremely frustrated and finally closing out the window completely? How long do you stick around trying to figure out how to navigate the site or check out once you’ve found (if you find) what you want to purchase? Most visitors do not stick around very long, because they know there are hundreds of other e-commerce sites, or webstores, offering the same product.

Cart abandonment rate on e-commerce websites is about 60% and most of that is even before the checkout process. Customers want easy to read, simple, informative websites that give them exactly what they are looking for with as little work as possible. You could have a site with excellent content but if the visitor only stays for three seconds due to glaring yellow highlights and bright red letters, they will never read the content, much less buy anything. [Read more…]

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