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by Charlotte L. Hanna CMO/Director of PMR/CMBS Global


When weighing effective business solutions, two of the most important tools you will ever implement are Communication and Marketing. Skills within these areas are a must and in today’s online marketplace, often governed by technology. Even ‘word of mouth’ (a great form of advertising) is widely accomplished via Social Media.

Here are some simple steps to ensure better communication and marketing for your business:

Virtual Assistants – do your homework, ask the right questions and don’t pay until you are sure that the virtual assistant’s skill set matches your needs. A knowledgeable, dependable and reliable virtual assistant can change how you do business and even enhance your efforts in online marketing.

Blogging – if you don’t understand the importance of blogging in today’s online marketplace, do some research via the search engines (or contact for information and insight). This is no longer an option when it comes to getting noticed online and maintaining a high level of visibility for your business. This is your Billboard – if you are not using it because you don’t know how or don’t have the time, link up with a ghostwriter/copywriter who can assist and even blog effectively for you.

Website – you may think yours is wonderful, but what do potential customers think? It does not matter if you like your site; it matters if others are finding it – and even more – using it. If your website isn’t ‘user friendly’ – you may be losing potential customers without even realizing it. They may come, but if you have not given them reason to ENTER – you are losing money every day. This is your storefront online – and your open sign must POP!

Email – answer it in a timely manner. If you are too busy to reply or respond, you are too busy. Emails are just as important (and in some cases even more important) than phone calls. This is often your first point of contact – and if you don’t show the sender that they matter to you – it will be your last contact. Schedule time on your calendar to take care of it yourself or hire someone to manage your email for you. And don’t overlook email campaigns. Email campaigns can be important tools for reaching your market. If you want to engage your customers and potential customers (and why wouldn’t you?), communicate effectively via newsletters, downloads, webinars, etc. – and use email as the personal invitation to those interested in what you offer.

Speaking – speaking at events is often overlooked when it comes to effective business solutions, however if you have a story (and everyone does – even if they must look deep within to find it) people want to hear it. You may not believe that your story is interesting enough or compelling enough – but remember, you will always be your best salesperson if you speak from the heart about what brought you to beginning your own business, what inspired you, what caused you to work harder and stay with the program – even how you failed on your road to success. Don’t underestimate your story and don’t ignore the possibilities of sharing it, tying it into the reasons others should do business with you.

While some of these may seem very basic to those who have been involved in Online Marketing for some time – the longer we have been doing something, the easier it becomes to forget how important the basics can be to our ongoing success. Going back to the basics can be a lifesaver when we get too far from shore and find ourselves treading water, wondering what more we can do to keep our business afloat.

Business solutions are constantly needed at every stage of business management. Whether starting a business or in need of a business ‘boost’, reviewing your communication and marketing skills is necessary for better growth and maintenance. Get more solutions for better online communication and marketing to the world at CMBS Global.

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