Does What Happens in Vegas REALLY Stay There?

Does what happens in Vegas REALLY stay in Vegas?

We’ve all seen and heard the commercials assuring us that whatever we choose to do in Vegas will stay in Vegas.

What is conveyed to the audience is: “No matter how bad you behave, no matter if you do something naughty, nobody’s going to tell on you – you’re secret is safe and no one will ever know.”

First, let me say that I am not assuming that any of you listening to this show BELIEVE that…entirely.

But, the ads are designed to portray Sin City as a GOOD place to do potentially ‘not good’ things – because it’s acceptable. And, because it’s acceptable in Vegas, no one is going to judge you…so, no worries!

Can you really choose to do ‘whatever’ without any consequences...

In a 2022 post from the TALES FROM EXODUS BLOG

The writer (or writers) state: “Las Vegas earned its notorious nickname, Sin City in the early 1930s. It still is Sin City – and we don’t see that fact changing any time soon.”

The truth is, Vegas earned the Sin City moniker due to the place’s notoriety for all the bad things going on there (actually some pretty evil stuff) and decided to embrace the idea for financial gain; to make the most of it, if you will.

It Worked For Those Who Were Willing To Take The Gamble...

Risk-Takers make Vegas…Vegas.

Vegas could not exist at the level it does without Risk-Takers.

So, it’s only natural that the target audience for Vegas marketers – would be Risk-Takers and those who enjoy the ‘riskier side of life’.

Therefore, the message from Sin City to the rest of the world could be viewed as: “No shame…No gain. Therefore – what you do here in Vegas will stay here.”

However, as I said at the start of today’s episode, I’m not assuming you BELIEVE that.

I know that you know that the BIGGER the sin – the MORE that sin is going to be talked about. And the more it’s talked about – the bigger the story becomes. And, of course, the bigger the story, the more attention it is given, and the more people will hear about the terrible, wrong thing that happened.

Whether the story happens to be accurate, or not. Right?

I mean, if you want to get your name out there…just do ONE bad thing.

Unfortunately, you may be a person who has done a lot of really good things in your life; you may be the biggest philanthropist in your community, the kindest and most generous entrepreneur in your market – but cheat on your taxes or make the foolish choice to cheat on your spouse, and your name will be in lights faster than you can say “Viva Las Vegas” – guaranteed!

As an entrepreneur or business owner, the question you should be asking yourself – every day – is this: “Is what I’m choosing to do worth the gamble; is it worth the potential risk of losing loyal associates, clients, or customers?”

Once you lose the trust of others, it’s pretty hard to get that back...

It’s one thing to choose to use a process or a tool that no one else is using. The risk is on you. And, it may work for you.

It’s another matter, altogether, to choose to use a process or a tool as a weapon against one of your peers – or to use your knowledge and experience to take advantage of customers instead of helping them.


But every time we take a risk, set a goal, make a choice, develop a plan or try something new – we’re irresponsible and foolish (at best) or worse, sinners by choice, to neglect to examine (even if at a shallow level) what it is going to cost.

The successful business person seldom fails to ask: What will it cost me – and what is the potential cost to others?

Because, the successful entrepreneur understands that, eventually – and no matter how careful you think you’re being – sooner or later, what you do will be made known. 

If you’re a person of integrity, consistently giving your best for the best reasons, the risk of unflattering information being circulated about you is greatly diminished.

If you’re managing your business with a healthy respect for yourself as well as others, you’ll be able to rely on yourself and the relationships of trust you’ve built to take you where you want to go.

Vegas isn’t promising there will be no consequences to the actions people take or the choices they make while there. Vegas knows it’s simply not within the city’s power to do that.

What they CAN control is knowing their market and understanding their audience. And, by doing that, they’ve created a  message that resonates with their audience – even though it’s not concrete truth.

In reality, it’s more likely that “your sins WILL find you out”. And, that’s the risk the city of Las Vegas is hoping a lot of people will continue to take.

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