How to Identify and Target Your Niche Market in Thirty Seconds

As an Online Marketer, you already know that to be successful you must identify your niche market and target that group effectively.Red target and dart close-up isolated on white background. How to do this is usually the bigger question. It requires specific answers to the following questions about you:

  • What DO you do better than anyone else?
  • What CAN you do better than anyone else?
  • What MUST you do better than anyone else?

It requires specific answers to the following questions about others:

  • Who WANTS what it is that you do?
  • Who NEEDS what it is that you do?
  • Who MOST DEPENDS on what it is that you do?


This is how to identify what you are selling in about thirty seconds. Your niche is who you are selling to – the more specific aspect of your target market – and may require a bit more thought and research time.

What you do best right now, and can do better immediately, is what you must do in order to stand out in today’s market place. Focus on this. Put your time and energy into making this what you are known for. Work on what you know you need to do better, yes,  but magnify and advertise that which you already do well and what you can do (in addition and upon request) for your target market. Show that you are able to supply very specific needs – and more! Maybe create  a ‘new twist’ on an older skill.

There will always be those who want what you do and many who feel that they need what you do…but your true niche is those who cannot live without what you do. Your target group is already convinced of their need – all you must do is convince this niche that YOU are the one to best supply their need. Target all who want and need your services, yes, but take care of those who require and willingly invest in the specific services that you provide and go the extra mile to make them true fans of what you do.

To identify and target your niche market and be successful in marketing to them you must understand how to:

  • Entice
  • Engage
  • Endear
  • Execute

It is YOU, first and foremost, that you are selling. While it may be possible to identify, define and target your niche in about thirty seconds, it takes much more time to capture the interest of the market – build relationships – establish the necessary trust – and consistently supply the need.

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