How to Repurpose Content: What Bitly Discovered About Social Media

re-purpose your contentBitly reports it has discovered that the typical half-life of a link on Twitter to be just 2.8hours! And Bitly’s analysis goes on to state that the half-life of a link on YouTube is a mere 7.4 hours.

For those involved with online marketing, the importance of SEO cannot be stressed enough. Content must be optimized for the search engines, but the reality is that SEO isn’t magic. The quality of your content also matters.

Today, most entrepreneurs have heard about re-purposing content, yet many are still unfamiliar with the purpose behind it. In fact, many fail to see the difference between re-purposing and revamping.  Niti Shah, writing for HubSpot Blogs, made a point worth noting:

“Revamping and repurposing content are not the same thing. When you revamp a piece of content, you’re continuing to use it for the same purpose it was originally intended, but updating it so it remains relevant and attractive to that audience. When you repurpose a piece of content, however, you’re doing one of two things (or both): changing the format of the content, and/or changing the target audience for the content. Examples of changing the format include turning a series of blog posts into an ebook, or taking key content from a webinar and placing it in an easy-to-consume infographic. If you want to attract or convert more people of the same buyer persona in the same part of the buyer’s journey, a revamp is the best choice. However, if you want to attract or convert more people in a different segment, look to repurpose your content.”

You probably know that the online marketing process involves several stages:

  • Customer Awareness
  • Customer Consideration
  • Customer Decision-Making

Each of these steps requires the right content or combination of content. You want potential buyers to hear about you, see what you’re offering, think about it and weigh the investment, and ultimately make the decision to choose YOU and what you offer.

In light of what Bitly has reported, you don’t have much time to do this – and the time you do have to drum up interest is relatively short.

Yes, there may be more platforms for putting your wares on display in this age of technology, more vehicles for getting your message to the right ears and in front of the right eyeballs, but it’s still a very fast-paced, busy highway lined with many, many billboards. Standing out isn’t getting any easier.

While creating a Content Machine may be important, it can be overwhelming to typical business owners. Starting with great, solid content gives you the necessary foundation on which you can build your Content Machine, but to use re-purposed content effectively, you must also know your buyer personas.

Remember to decide whether re-purposing or revamping is right for your current goal.

  • What do you have that you want your audience to know about?
  • What do you want them to compare, consider, be convinced of?
  • What do you want them to do next – what action do you want them to take?

Different ‘personas’ require different types of content.

The beauty of re-purposing great content is that you can reach your different segments of customers and clients using a variety of media. It doesn’t take a lot of work to turn a really good blog post into an Infographic, that points to a Webinar, that ends with a One-On-One Consultation, for example.

Meeting your customers, wherever they are in the customer journey, is possible with a little re-purposing of your content. Take a second look at your most popular blogs and revamp if needed. Then take those popular posts and easily give them new purpose – no starting from scratch necessary.

Let your imagination run wild! Love the idea of re-purposing your existing content, but don’t have time – or not sure where to start? No worries! Contact us for a free consultation on how CMBSGlobal can help!

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