How to Summarize Your Business Strategy in Fifteen Words

Can you summarize your business strategy in 15 words or less? Many owners and managers can’ marketing strategies

The reason for this may be that they lack clarity about what is right in front of their noses.

According to The Contrast Principle, we understand a thing better when are able to see it compared with something else – rather than observing it in isolation. When you view your business from within, you see only what is right in front of you. And what is right in front of you may appear bigger or smaller than it really is – if you can even see it at all!

In the movie Hidden Figures, set in the era of “the space race,” the Space Task Group (a group of NASA engineers) is desperately trying to get a man into space before their Russian counterparts. The true story of the women “computers” behind the success of this historical achievement is remarkable, to say the least. What is also remarkable is that these women and their skills, right in front of the noses of NASA’S top engineer’s and overlooked for years, would become the unexpected solution to the problems NASA was experiencing.

Who and What are You Overlooking?

Your business strategy should be simple, summarizing your identified target customers or clients and your value proposition. Ask yourself if you have clarity about the following:

  • Who your target audience is
  • What you offer your target audience, and what you do not
  • Why you offer what you offer
  • How it improves and benefits

Depending on your business and services your customers may be widely varied in where they live and how they are employed, but when it comes to WHAT they are looking to you for, can you specifically define their needs and wants? More importantly, what can you offer to support the idea that you are the best one to supply those needs and wants? And when it comes to the benefits, don’t promise them the moon – unless you’re able to provide the vehicle to get them there.

So, let’s go back to the 15-word summary. Using the example of the “computers” in Hidden Figures, here’s how I would creatively summarize their accomplishments, with clarity, in 15 words.

The extraordinary skills of women ‘computers’ (also known as Rocket Girls) revealed answers top minds overlooked in the space race.

Taking the Challenge

How does what you do and offer contrast with that of others in your market – and Why should that matter to those who are interested?

The women who made a difference to the space race possessed natural gifts combined with developed skills and training. They were willing to learn and share what they learned. They put in long hours with very little recognition.

And there was something else that each of these women chose to do that would eventually set them apart in their fields, bringing new opportunities…they chose to take risks and accept challenges.

The challenge to summarize your business strategy with clarity is a worthwhile pursuit. It can help you to actually see what is right in front of you, shedding light on overlooked assets, and opening the door to new possibilities for growth and success.

Here is how I was able to give my summary of Hidden Figures clarity using only 15 words. Let this example help you to summarize your business and marketing strategy in a clear and concise way:

  • Start with what you know to be true and accurate: Though kept in the shadows of NASA, the women computers’ skills would not allow their purpose to remain hidden when their country needed them most. (25)
  • Pare it down, removing anything that is not necessary to your message: Kept in the shadows, women computers’ extraordinary skills would reveal what top minds had missed when their country needed answers. (20)
  • Search your message for what is most important and how you can be even more specific and concise: The extraordinary skills of women ‘computers’ revealed what top minds had missed in the race to space. (17)
  • And finally, be sure there are enough specifics/details to satisfy: The extraordinary skills of women ‘computers’ revealed answers top minds overlooked in the space race. (15)

Sometimes, it can be hard to see what is right in front of your nose. Every day, we help entrepreneurs, just like you, develop clarity in their business and marketing strategies. Click Here to Grab Our Free Services Checklist for prioritizing and delegating what’s really important to your success.

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