How to Survive When Things Get Slow in Business

When things get slow in business – when work drops off, clients back out, ideas aren’t as fertile, efforts freeze up, or you are simply lacking physical energy – what do you tend to do FIRST?winter-background-1113tm-bkgd-155

Do you:

  • work harder
  • desperately look for ways to connect
  • think deeper
  • grab more coffee

Do you:

  • beat yourself up
  • increase your services and lower your prices
  • rack your brain

And (let me guess) at the end of the day you come away exhausted, frustrated, or both. (Not to mention that you can’t relax or sleep due to excessive coffee consumption!)

When things slow down, perhaps we should follow suit.

Maybe, just maybe, there are times when it works to “keep going”, “dive deeper” and “go beyond your limits” – but I’m thinking these make the most sense in the midst of life or death situations. For those seasons of “less activity” in our market or “lighter loads” in the workplace, it seems reasonable that, while it may be a natural tendency to roll up our shirtsleeves and dig in with bigger shovels – it may actually be effective to sit back, put our feet up, consider and ponder (with eyes open or closed) and see what happens.

This is not the commonly held, acceptable business approach, but then again, uncommon things seem to happen in uncommon situations with uncommon results, when those involved are willing to take a different approach, view from a different angle, and engage in a different process.

When things slow down, it is generally only for a season.

As is true in winter months when plant-life and animal-life go into a season of hibernation, it is for a time of preparation. Eventually, the new season follows, bringing forth great fruit. Re-birth and new life occur in the spring. Likewise, re-energized thoughts, new directions, and possibilities for growth are generated after a period of rest and relaxation.

For most of us, a season of rest can be accomplished in a weekend. For many, an hour may be just the right amount of “hibernation” time. But whatever it takes, the results and benefits will be noticeable and worth it. When things get slow, let it be your cue to grab that cup of coffee to sip and enjoy as you review, re-center, and refocus, while preparing to reap the rewards of being revitalized and ready for the next season that is sure to spring forth!

When something fails to survive the challenges of the winter season in nature, it is usually due to a lack of proper preparation or extreme conditions, compounded by poor health or age. The same can be said for those parts of a business that are unable to survive during a slower period. A healthy business prepares for the slower seasons and expectantly looks forward to the hustle and bustle of the next.

Have you experienced a “winter season” in your business?

We would love to hear how you survive in business when things get slow. Share your story with us in the comments below.

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