How to Take Marketing Out of the Dark Ages

This blog won’t solve all of your marketing problems, but it might help you to lighten up and inspire you to take your marketing practices out of the dark ages.

GE Enhance Your Video with Jeff GoldblumWhile you may not be able to afford a famous person to promote your services and products, neither can you afford to leave your marketing in the hands of an unremarkable, nobody. Finding the perfect middle ground may just be possible, with a little humor.

Here’s a few ways to take your marketing out of the
Dark Ages, discovered by watching this humorous General Electric video with Jeff Goldblum:

  • Use what you know and properly illuminate it
  • Enhance what you know with great content and visuals
  • Lighten up – there’s enough serious sales pitches to go around, already
  • Control what you can – Adjust for the rest
  • Experiment to see what works best – but always present what you do/offer in the best possible light
  • More is sometimes better when success and enjoyment is the goal
  • Less is sometimes better when it comes to pricing/costs

What one thing can you point to as the reason for all of your success?

The right V.A. Team can make your marketing efforts more productive, saving you a lot of cash (which you might want to consider putting toward really great lighting, like the over-the-top celebrity in the GE video). But if you’re really serious about taking your online marketing out of the Dark Ages, invest in working with those who have the experience to shine a better light on what is needed for your:

  • Content Marketing
  • Virtual Event Planning
  • Speaker Management
  • Marketing & PR Development
  • SEO

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