IFOs: Giving Visitors to Your Home Page a Trick or Treat

It’s that time of the year when all sorts of costumed creatures invade neighborhoodsCMBS Global IFOs Tricks or Treats calling out, “Trick or treat!” in anticipation of the goodies possible behind each front door. Whoa, to the homeowner who dares to disappoint.

When developing a website, your home page is the front door to all that you offer within your online business. Are you giving your market what they are hoping and expecting to find?

There is never a good reason to trick visitors into coming to your website. Once they arrive, however, giving them an unexpected treat is one sure way to keep your home page the busiest one on the block!

IFOs are great as long as they are truly Incredible Free Offers and not Incredibly False Offers. Few will get away with tricking the public for very long before they are treated to the wrath of disappointed visitors via unflattering comments all over Social Media sites.

Your reputation is too important to risk, so give visitors to your website MORE than they expect to find.

Speaking of what visitors expect to find, be sure to make it easy for your visitors to find your IFO when coming to your home page. It’s no reward, even though free, when it involves too much hassle. Make IFOs visible and easy to acquire. Don’t force your visitors to jump through hoops to get what you have promised them. Making the experience a ghoulish one will only frighten visitors away and give them reason to tell others to steer clear, as well. Give them the ‘sweet treat’ they are looking for and you’ll create a stampede to your front door. Satisfied visitors to your homepage will likely tell others that you are the best place to go for good stuff!

Giving visitors the IFOs they will love is the real trick in online marketing. Depending on your business, what your audience or market craves can change often – and keeping up can be a real struggle.

As with neighborhood Trick-or-Treaters, the preferred treat can be very difficult to pinpoint. Should you only offer chocolate when you know that at least a few are looking for caramels? Maybe you should include something fruity and chewy? And what about the ‘first-timers’ who might be overwhelmed by too many choices, unable to make up their minds? It’s not always easy to know your market’s appetite in the fast-paced world of today’s online marketing.

Most will appreciate anything that is free. They find that not having to pay to get something useful and helpful, incredible enough. Of course, there will always be those who are hard to please, never satisfied and always able to find reason to complain that whatever you are giving away isn’t enough, isn’t right, or isn’t what they expected. That’s just the way the neighborhood goes sometimes.

If you have a truly delicious IFO, it won’t be your fault if a few visitors to your home page are unable to appreciate and enjoy it.

IFOs of value do not go unnoticed. When you set out a bowl full of goodies during Trick-or-Treat time and tell your visitors to help themselves, it won’t be long until the entire neighborhood knows where you live! Guaranteed!

Look at the home page of your website this way:

• Is the porch light on?
• Is it attractive and inviting?
• Did you set out a bowl of goodies?

You know better than to offer neighborhood Trick-or-Treaters a ham sandwich when they come to your front door looking for candy. If you have spent any time at all in business, you know:

  • what your niche needs
  • what your market is in the mood for
  • what your audience is anticipating

If you DON’T – turn off the porch light and keep your front door locked until you DO!

• Don’t invite visitors to your home page if you are not ready for them.
• Don’t offer them something that isn’t worth anything.
• Don’t give them any reason to badmouth your place.
• Don’t be stingy.

• Do be prepared before you open the front door to your website.
• Do offer something delicious and exciting.
• Do give visitors more than what they are expecting.
• Do expect repeat visitors.

Need help creating and developing an attractive and valuable IFO that is sure to make visitors to your home page happy, keeping them coming back for more? Don’t be tricked into thinking it isn’t worth the investment – treat yourself to some help from the experts, today!

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