Innovators: How No Respect Can Kill Creativity

Sometimes it’s just no fun to be innovative. Innovators put themselvesInnovation demands respect, stagnation kills creativity
out there on the front lines of the War of Opinions where creativity doesn’t always get the respect it deserves.

A variety of viewpoints exists, usually governed by some form of hierarchy (whether real or perceived) and we usually take our cues from:

  • The boss
  • The coworkers
  • The teacher
  • The event coordinator
  • The client
  • Whomever we answer to or view as the person with more power than us

There is no right and wrong in creativity, in fact to insinuate such can do more than wound feelings. Experienced repeatedly, it can kill. Sure, the wounded may keep showing up for work (everyone needs a paycheck) but the work that produces more to see, do, consider – more opportunity – that will be dead.

Innovation demands respect because:

  • When was the last time everyone in the office had an original idea?
  • How does any business or industry survive without innovation?
  • What new concept stopped the world in its tracks this morning?
  • Where does a creative idea begin? And Why?

Innovation can mean the difference between life and death to any business. Those who create new strategies, concepts, tools and plans – those who feed a company’s success and satisfy the consumer’s need for new and unusual, deserve respect.

Appreciation for the arts can be subjective, but innovation demands more than personal opinion influenced by emotional reaction or personal taste. Kill creativity with a lack of respect and see how fast the wellspring of production dries up.

With appreciation and reward for hard work and creative efforts, chances are good that the objective of the innovation will be achieved with such desirable results that the hierarchy will be eager to participate in reaping the benefits.

Are you an innovator? How has creativity benefitted you or your business?

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