Making Memorable Customer Experiences

If you haven’t already caught on – the average consumer is changing the way we do marketing online. Customers are looking for memorable experiences. And, the data seems to be saying that this is more than just a trend.

Only a few years ago, the focus was on how ‘savvy’ a customer might be. Today, however, it’s best to concern yourself with the overall experiences of your customers – both good and bad –  because it’s proving to be vital to the digital marketing approach.

Consumers are demanding satisfying results – and with good reason.

The average consumer has experienced being saturated with superfluous sales pitches and inundated with gobbledygook gimmicks by social media shysters, cotton candy life coaches, and others who pedal potential money-making schemes online. And they are fed up with the nonsense.

Consumers are searching for products and services online that will provide them with the ‘next level’.

Entrepreneurs who are wanting to grow their online businesses will do well to focus their efforts on providing satisfying, affordable, quality customer experiences. Most consumers are looking for more than words. They’re looking to be shown respect and support – that hasn’t changed.

But what has changed is that they’re also looking for:

In other words, consumers are more selective than ever. They’ve been forced to up the game, so to speak.

They’re no longer impressed by the novelty of a slick website.

They’re not buying what they can’t experience – and the quality of the experience matters.

They aren’t trusting just anyone to provide what they want – they’re doing their research.

They are aware of their options, and they’re using those options to their advantage.

Consumers are telling you what experiences they are seeking. 

If you are marketing online, you know there is a certain language that is used to reach the consumer and get their attention. The consumer knows that, too. What the consumer wants YOU to know is that once they give you their attention, they want to experience:

Truth in advertising

Delivery of services

Support after the sale

Clarity in communication

Ease of access


Protection of privacy

Consumers aren’t really wanting anything new from those who are marketing online. They are simply discovering new ways to get the experiences they’ve always wanted. More than ever before, consumers have the tools to hold entrepreneurs and business owners accountable…and they know how to use them to get the customer experiences they desire.

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