Reading, Writing, And Making Money Online With Virtual Assistants While Working From Home

by Charlotte L. Hanna, CMO/CMBS Global


It goes without saying that you can do a lot online these days. You can read about virtually most any topic you can think of – or write and blog about your opinions,Virtual Assistants provide virtual assistance passions, hobbies, business, or life. Many are making money online as Virtual Assistants – without leaving the comforts of home – doing work they love and helping others.

Every day, more and more people are taking advantage of these opportunities. Many of us get the majority of our information via the Internet and spend a good deal of time telling the world our political and social views – even our most personal dreams – via blogging, Twitter and Facebook. Collectively, we spend millions of dollars per year shopping online for our favorite “must-haves”, yet the one thing too many are NOT doing, is actually making money. In fact, those who have online businesses too often find themselves losing money when it comes to Internet sales.

Because so many use the Internet today, it has become a fairly ‘crowded’ marketplace. It’s nearly impossible to be seen and heard as an online entrepreneur – unless you have discovered a way to truly catch the attention of all those web-surfers. It’s not enough to have a great product or service. People rarely stumble upon you in the midst of the millions of others offering similar great products and services.

Creating an effective online presence requires entrepreneurs to diligently market their products and services to the world in creative ways. 

If you want others to find you online – you must know how to make yourself as visible as possible without the luxury of flashing neon signs and inviting display windows. Marketing your business online takes time and creativity and requires a certain savvy that you can’t afford to be without. Ignoring your online marketing will keep you virtually invisible to those who are looking for your product or are in need of your service.

A lack of savvy online marketing is the equivalent of a “CLOSED FOR BUSINESS” sign.

As an entrepreneur, there are many daily demands on your time and creative energy. However, as all business owners know, without customers or clients there are no sales, and without sales there is no business. To remain in business – clients and customers are KEY.

  • Focusing on them is what matters.
  • Making them your number one priority is what matters.
  • Meeting their needs is what matters.

Do you really have the time? Most likely, the answer is a resounding, “No!”

When your focus is consumed by the daily distractions of demanding operating details, you are unable to build the relationships with those who would most benefit from what you offer. This only produces a huge lack of satisfaction, added stress, and sheer FRUSTRATION for both you and those you serve – adding up to the increasing loss of potential sales.

For busy, overwhelmed entrepreneurs, Virtual Assistants can be the PERFECT solution. Virtual Assistants can provide you:

  • The level of office assistance you need for daily tasks
  • The skills for development and implementation of necessary marketing processes.
  • Technical tools and solutions
  • Knowledge and support from years of experience
  • And the professional edge you need to succeed!

V.A.s are not miracle workers – but there is ONE miracle they can perform! A Great V.A. team can create MORE TIME. Aligning yourself with a gifted team of Virtual Assistants is like adding hours to your days, (and even better), hours to your nights. You’ll sleep better knowing that your online business is in the capable hands of professionals.

While it doesn’t cost you to look into the many services of a trusted Virtual Assistant team – it can cost you your business to ignore the many benefits V.A.s can provide.

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