What Clients are saying…

– Sydni Craig-Hart, the Smart Simple Marketing Coach (SmartSimpleMarketing.com)


mary-cameron“CMBSGlobal made building a website easy. I’m not an IT personal or even a techy person, and this company made it very easy for me to understand, in layman’s terms, what was needed and more importantly, what was realistically doable. Everything I needed from a website was designed into [it]. Research was done on their end to find just the right plug-ins for me. He [Sam] was very quick to respond and it was always positive. His attitude and willingness to assist me was always positive. He took nothing personally, which was great when I [wanted to change] something he designed.”

“Much apprecaited Team!!”

– Mary Cameron (Walking Winds Holistic Center)


kathy-t“CMBS [Global, llc] Rocks!!! As an entrepreneur, I have end up spinning a lot of plates. Sandy and her team have taken over many of those plates and continue to help my business run smoothly and grow! Here are just a few of their strengths:”

  • Promptness in reply and action
  • Asking good clarifying questions before embarking on a task or project
  • Broad knowledge base of services and solutions I need
  • Professional voice in both written and spoken
  • Willingness to stand in my shoes when looking at a project or my business

– Kathy Toon (Game Face System) and (Glam Slam Tennis)


judy-s“CAM is one of the most professional, engaging and competent person I have had the pleasure of working with. CAM and her team are extraordinary! They responded to my requests, created beautiful marketing material for an event and helped me troubleshoot a difficult website issue. I also had the pleasure of working with Charlotte – she created beautiful graphics for me AND took time out of her busy schedule to call and talk with me to ensure we both understood what was needed and what would be created. I felt heard, understood and respected as a client. I highly recommend CAM and her team to any business owner who is looking for superior service!”

– Judy Schneider (Healing Through Horses)


gretchen-b“If you want professional, timely and excellent work, done right the first time, work wtih CMBS [Global, LLC]! So quick and so professional! Knowledgeable, friendly, responsive, FABULOUS! Extremely Satisfied (Would highly recommend)”

– Gretchen Breuner (Gretchen Breuner) and (The RoadScholarz)


tasha-s“I am thoroughly impressed with CMBS Global. I feel like I received first class, quality service and representation. I appreciated being able to use the time management system to keep up with hours for the most part.
I have worked with Virtual Assistant companies before and you [CMBS Global, LLC], by far, surpass them all. I truly appreciated your professionalism throughout the entire team and the end result of my project was phenomenal. I would recommend you again and again without hesitation and would certainly utilize your services for future projects. Thank you! ”

– Tasha Scott (Tasha M. Scott)


Janice Johnson“I have had the privilege of working with Cassandra for a little over 12 months and to say the least she has made a HUGE difference in my company's ability to grow with ease and grace. Not only is Cassandra easy to talk to–she is a BEAST when it comes to implementation. I knew if my work was in Cassandra's hands it would be completed with excellence, consistency, and on-time. Of the vast qualities Cassandra possesses I am especially grateful for her commitment to the "job at hand". I would classify Cassandra as the "get-it-done" Queen. From day one, I have always felt that Cassandra didn't work for me rather she partnered with me to see that my vast vision came to past. If you are looking for a dedicated, loyal, committed team member to see to it that the "details" of your business are taken care of so that you can focus on being the brains of your operation Cassandra is your go-to gal! I absolutely LOVE working alongside her!”

– Janice R Johnson, Ministry Marketing Mentor (Moruwa.com)


Sheila Wagner“Cassandra is extremely knowledgeable as a VA, she has great attention to detail and can anticipate your needs. Her integrity and reliability are awesome, I can always count on her to have projects finished on time and she is a pleasure to work with! She goes the extra for you!”

– Sheila Wagner, PT, CN (SheilaWagner.com)


Kim Knapp height=“Being in a referral based business I know that the point of beginning is providing memorable service. I have referred CMBS Global several times. Having consistantly recieved stellar service I know I can confidenlty refer them to my colleges, and they always thank me!”

– Kim Knapp, Career Development Trainer and Realtor (TeamKnappSells.com)


Lori Davila“Sandy is amazing. She is the best person I’ve ever worked with and hired to help my business. She’s personable, caring, trustworthy, highly detail oriented and you can count on her …… always. She does back office online marketing related work and research for me and she always surprises me with just how much she knows and learns and can do. She’s efficient, you always know where she stands with projects, and she is great at learning the latest and greatest in terms of online marketing. She has really helped my businesses grow!”

– Lori Davila, LoriDavila.com


Sarah Anma“Cassandra is part of my virtual team and continues to make magic happen for my business while I am doing what I do best. I often wake up in the morning and see that she has solved some back end problems or completed tasks that are our of my league. Having Cassandra on my team gives me peace of mind and I recommend her.”

– Sarah Anma, Relationship Mentor, Speaker, and Writer
(Art of Relationship Coaching, LLC)


Carmen Coker“Cassandra is a joy to work with! She has an attention-to-detail that is unmatched! (I’m a pro organizer and naturally detail-oriented, and she consistently catches things that even I miss.) I can ALWAYS trust her to listen to what I need and come through with solid results.”

– Carmen Saunders Coker, Professional Organizer (Clutterbugs’)


Taylore Ashlie“Cassandra is a delight to work with and a top professional in her field. She is more than a web designer, she is the ultimate techy Virtual Assistant. She understands the ins and outs of internet marketing. My web pages and copies are top notch professional, thanks to her.”

– Taylore Ashlie, the Sensual Sage of Possibility (thePlayfulPartnership.com)


Donna Reed“Cassandra setup my Affiliate program for me. I shared my vision with her – and she brought it to life. She has the technical and business experience and skills to the table that I found no other Virtual Assistant/Consultant to have. I would highly recommend her to anyone that needs that right hand person to help make things happen. She delivers quality and faster than I thought it could be done. She is part of The Agilista PM team.”

— Donna Reed (MBA, PMP, The Agilista-PM)


KD Hardy“Cassandra would be an asset to any group or individual needing her assistance. She is absolutely the best. She will provide a great product at a great price with Extremely high integrity.”

K.D. Hardy, K.D. Hardy Unlimited


Aaron Gregory“To whomever it may concern: I want to go on the record as saying that Cassandra’s work for us has been exemplary, and because of her efforts, an easily 6-month internal project was reduced to a mere 3-week project – with increased accuracy to boot! Her efficiency, coupled with her ability to grasp abstract processes quickly and her flexibility are only the tip of the iceberg on why you should not delay in recruiting her for your team. Our experiences with having Cassandra work for us left a lasting impression on both our team, and our flagship software’s help documentation. I personally intend on eliciting Cassandra’s help in the near future, and recommend your team do the same. Sincerely, William A. Gregory (“Aaron”)”

– Aaron Gregory, CEO of Codango


Jennifer Celaya“I am honored to partner with Cassandra (aka Sandy)! She brings an intelligent and honest quality to everything she does. She has a natural ability to streamline and implement systems with ease so we (and our clients) can work smarter and more creatively. Her drive and commitment are unparalleled. CMBS would not be what it is without her!”

– Jennifer Celaya , Founder of The Travel Diva


Howard Cattie“I have worked several projects with Cassandra Morgan and am seeking her help to set up another marketing project for my recruiting company. Cassandra Morgan has been an invaluable asset to call on when we have needed BackOffice/Operational support. Ms. Morgan has helped to streamline various processes which have not only increased productivity but have decreased costs as well. I continue to call on Cassandra as my business grows and my needs expand. I have found her to be technically competent, very efficient and a resourceful and solution-minded individual. She has frequently been able to come up with new and innovative approaches to almost any problem set before her. I am very pleased with the support services of Cassandra Morgan and recommend her without hesitation.”

– Howard J. Cattie, Jr., Founder of CareerOyster



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