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CMBS Website Design & Development Stages

Design Stage: Wireframe created, laying out the proposed site, addressing the overall look and feel of the pages. (Client reviews and signs off as ‘completed’.)

Development Stage: Building out the site, adding content, links, other site user functions, basic SEO of site.

Launching Stage: Establishing site analytics, site maps updates, email transfer (if required), transfer of site to hosting platform (from development area, if required).

Entrepreneurs, serious about growing and maintaining their business and increasing revenue, understand the importance of an attractive, efficient, optimized website.

They know that having a strong online presence requires more than a domain name parked at the top of a web page.

They Know This Because:

Their website is where they conduct daily business briefs – weekly webinars – monthly meetings – and more.

CMBS PRO TIP: A well-designed website helps business ownersget things done!

proudly own what you do!

When viewing any website or user interface, visitors expect a visual design experience whose sizing, layout, and clickability don’t overwhelm or confuse them in any way…

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You could be overlooking some of the most important real estate you own as an entrepreneur - Your Website.

Your Internet real estate is much more valuable than you may realize.

Here’s Why:

When you conduct business online, your website is literally:

Here's What Your Website MUST Do For You:

provide users an optimal experience

create & increase brand awareness

boost credibility & client acquisition

allow you to proudly own what you do

Here's What YOU must do to ensure that it does:

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CMBS PRO TIP: We cannot stress enough the importance of high-quality content and design for every page of your website, and how this combination directly impacts your success.

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