What Covid-19 Has Taught Us About Online Business

If there is one take-away for entrepreneurs during Covid-19, it may well be this:

Unexpected things that seem out of your control are to be expected; a sure thing for business owners.

However, most of us were caught completely off-guard by something that has (possibly forever) changed how we conduct business.

More and more businesses have had to face the reality of a new way of ‘doing business’ – and for most – that demands ramping up their online presence.

No matter the size or status of the company, online services quickly became a major focus.

Those who already provided delivery services had to be able to communicate how delivery would be handled (or, actually, NOT handled) in a no-contact, social distancing practicing society.

Consumers are not going to go away. 

Covid-19 has also shown us that consumers, when faced with the possibility of a shortage, will often consume even MORE than supply and demand can keep up with.

Whether out of greed or fear – or both – when toilet paper becomes a such a hot commodity, hoarded and stockpiled at ridiculously shameful levels while forcing our neighbors to go without, the understanding of buyer personas all but disappears.

Times like these are exactly why an experienced and trustworthy team of virtual assistants can be a life-saving asset to the small business owner.

You may not be the manufacturer of products that match the high-demand of toilet paper and hand sanitizers, but when it comes to what you DO offer…if you’re going to remain a viable option to the consumers who are spending more and more of their time shopping around online, you must have a strong online presence.

To remain in business – to remain seen and heard by your audience – your business has to be more than available online – it has to be:

• Easily found

• Easily recognized

• Easily consumed; user-friendly

• Driven by high-quality content of value

• Managed with the efficiency of training and experience

Invest where it matters most in demanding times of change. Invest in a skilled and qualified VA team, equipped with strategies and solutions engineered to assist you successfully navigate your online operations – no matter the demands.

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