When Your Webinar Doesn’t Technically Rock

Technically, yes…there will always be some technical challengesWebinar, Virtual Event Planning Online when hosting a webinar. But when you spend the first 7 minutes of your event saying, “Awesome!” (while holding instructional conversation with yourself or your co-host) as you correct all of the glitches, you probably should face the fact that your webinar doesn’t technically “rock”.

When your webinar doesn’t rock, it’s time for better prep work

No matter how amazing the topic or how informative the subject, if you fail to impress because of your inability to deliver the message with clarity and good flow – you’re likely to find yourself with less of an audience and less success when hosting your next webinar. A few simple steps beforehand can help to better prepare you and those you are working with, providing results that are more satisfying for all involved.

Your time is no more valuable than that of your audience

The subject matter for virtual events varies, of course, but the basic purpose of hosting a webinar is to provide information in an interesting, easy to understand and efficient manner. The primary goal is to make it worthwhile for your audience. The secondary goal is to make it convenient. The last thing you want to do is waste their time and yours, ruining any opportunity for either of you to profit.

Even just five minutes wasted with correcting technical glitches at the onset of a production is risky.

Overcoming the unnecessary and avoidable glitches

If you are hosting a live webinar featuring a guest, communicate the plan for the presentation with your guest well in advance. Don’t assume that your guest will know what they need to be doing and when during the webinar. Have a plan/outline and let them in on it.

Reserve just ten or fifteen minutes (before the webinar goes live) to review the info – even do a dry run of the introduction. Whether or not you have a guest, a practice run of these crucial opening moments can avoid many potential glitches, making for a more efficient and enjoyable experience for you and your audience.

As simple goes, here are the basics:

  • Don’t forget to share your screen and know how to share your screen.
  • Be sure you are sharing ONLY that which you intend for your audience to see as part of the presentation.  (Remember, they’re not attending because you promised them a shot of your messy desktop icons or personal photos.)
  • Do an audio check of all participants (it’s okay (even polite)to ask your audience to let you know if they are NOT able to hear you – just do what you can beforehand to be sure there is no problem on your end.)
  • Speak clearly and slowly enough – but at a pace that won’t be boring. Your tone and levels when speaking make or break your audience’s ability to focus.
  • Engage from the very start. Speak TO your audience. Be conversational – don’t preach at those attending – be inclusive with your words.
  • Be careful not to use too much age specific, culture specific or occupation specific slang. The Internet is a big world, be careful not to alienate those who may be interested in what you have to offer.
  • Share your own personal story ONLY as it applies to what you are sharing. Remember that your audience only cares about what you’ve accomplished when it lends substantial credibility to what you are saying.
  • Focus on the benefits to your audience. Tie-in your personal accomplishments with the steps/the tips/the solutions you are presenting in such a way that anyone can do this and realize the same benefits. What you are sharing will be convincing as long as YOU aren’t the focus.
  • Share images that matter and provide greater clarity to your message. Save your smiling selfie for another time.
  • Use the term “ready to rock” sparingly when presenting a webinar – especially if it’s your first one.
  • Use the term “awesome” sparingly. Self-promotion isn’t necessary. Provide the goods and let your audience be the judge of how “awesome” the webinar truly is.
  • Welcome feedback. Appreciate it and use it to your advantage.
  • Follow up on all who attended, thanking and appreciating them for spending their valuable time with you.

Webinar worthy events should rock!

If you have a product, service or program worthy of a webinar, chances are good that there’s an audience for that. Just be sure to treat your audience to something worthy of the title ‘Webinar’.

You’ll produce a more successful webinar when you DON’T:

  • Assume
  • Exaggerate
  • Waste the allotted time

More importantly, you’ll get repeat attendance and a following for your webinars when you DO:

  • Prepare ahead of time
  • Present with the right focus
  • Promote your message creatively and clearly
  • Provide opportunity for your audience to engage
  • Promise only what is within your scope to deliver – and then be sure to do it

If you’d like to rock when hosting your next webinar – but aren’t quite sure you can do it alone – we can help. CMBS Global has years of experience in helping entrepreneurs to present amazing webinars that rock, and we’d love to help you!

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