Why No Strings Attached Doesn’t Work for Marketing Products and Services Online

For years, promoting  products and services with “no strings attached” worked. Buyers can feel less threatened by the perception ofbusiness marketing string being offered something that requires no further commitment from them. But the idea of no strings attached doesn’t work in today’s online marketing. Here’s why:

Many of us like the idea of experiencing without much involvement, real commitment or (at the very least) any obligation to repeat that experience. 

No Strings Attached has always been merely a perception, though. That is the entire point of the approach. While it appears that nothing else is required – it is – because this form of marketing persuades us to make the following choices:

  • Take their offer
  • Use their product/service
  • Continue or discontinue the relationship

Companies using the No Strings Attached approach target our:

And this is precisely why No Strings Attached doesn’t work – at least not in the way it is perceived.

In marketing products and services online, a really attractive and interesting “string” is necessary to capture our curiosity. When presented well, this string causes us to take the bait. Once hooked, another ‘string’ can cause us to take the next step; go a little deeper. Without knowing it, we are willing to follow other ‘strings’ involved, because we don’t recognize them as strings, and instead:

  • We actually enjoy the experience
  • Our thinking is changed
  • We feel empowered to make a choice

Marketing online just doesn’t work if there are no effective strings attached, curiosity is not increased, and no further action is taken to experience the product and/or service we offer. The relationship between entrepreneur and client, seller and buyer, or teacher and pupil is never begun. That is why No Strings Attached doesn’t work, especially in online marketing.

Of course, stringing someone along doesn’t work, either.

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