Why Websites Are Not As Important As You Think

by Charlotte L. Hanna CMO/Director of PMR/CMBS Globalboring

Websites are not as important as you think, because you probably don’t realize just how important websites really are. Many entrepreneurs do what they can to drive traffic to their websites, and then permit that traffic to “drive on by”. We may even get them to window shop, but they never venture any further in – and the experience is incomplete.

What is the purpose of your website?

Have you ever asked yourself this question? If not, I encourage you to take some time and really think about this.

  • Do you consider your website to be a place where you tell all about your company, your business, yourself?
  • Do you have products or services that you are trying to sell?
  • Do you think of your website as a place to send potential customers for more information or educational resources?
  • Is it YOUR website?

You may think that last question a bit odd…why would I ask, “Is it YOUR website?” Well, I ask that because first and foremost, your website should be a direct reflection of who you are. It should have your personality. Why? Because, ultimately (as discussed in a previous post) clients do business with someone they feel connected to. Business is about relationships – not entirely about products and services – but about people who make emotional purchases. A customer chooses to spend their money on what they believe will most benefit them and they choose to purchase from those who make them feel most comfortable. Your website should directly reflect your personality and your core values so that those in your market can begin to connect and build relationship with you.

There is a difference between “a place” and a “destination”.

If you consider your website a good place to send potential customers, then you must see your website as your store – AND MORE. An effective and profitable website is more than just a ‘place’… websites that generate leads and revenue are DESTINATIONS. What do I mean?
Think of it this way…Your bedroom is a place to sleep, right? ORYour bedroom is the destination your weary mind and body seek at the end of a hectic and stressful day, filled with the comforts of luxurious bedding and soft carpets underfoot, and accented by the sounds of the rainforest emitted from a top of the line surround sound system.

The first describes “a place” that may sufficiently serve a purpose, but does not really offer you a reason to go there until you must – However, the latter describes a destination…a place that you can almost see and feel before you even get there, and probably won’t want to leave. You can’t wait to experience the comforts and softness of the bedding and carpets and relax to those sounds.

As I mentioned in my prior post, when I was responsible for the visual merchandising for a kitchen supply store, I had to make the window displays enticing. The look of the windows had to hint at what was inside the store and compel customers to “come on in” – but the window display’s main purpose was to compel them to enter in and experience all that awaited them inside. And it truly was an experience! There were things to WOW all of the senses and engage those who had any level of interest in cooking and entertaining, from the novice to the trained chef.

But, the sales only happened if we could get them in through the doors. By showing the merchandise in a way that connected with cooks and those who loved to entertain, the connection was made that this was THE place to go for a great experience while finding and purchasing the best and the latest in the market. Buses came from Canada, filled with people who had waited all year for this experience. And some would spend an hour in that store and hundreds of dollars on gadgets and foods. It had become A DESTINATION.

A destination is not a brief stop along the way to somewhere else – it is where you are going for a specific purpose.

The destination is the reason for the trip, the reason for the effort, the goal. Chances are that if your child wants to see Mickey Mouse in person, your destination will be Disney World. And when you get to Disney Word – you will get MORE than just Mickey Mouse.

In the same way, your website should be the online destination for those clients who are seeking your services or products. And once they arrive at your site, you need to give them what they came for – and MORE! Compel them to “come on in” and don’t forget to give them an experience, the reason to stay around and hang out there for a while. Help them to see how they will benefit and why. Make it user friendly and make it for them – a destination where they can get what they are looking for in an environment that connects with them and invites them to return often – for even more.

Your website content is what turns window-shoppers into paying customers. When your content meets buyers where they are, when it is about meeting their needs and provides entertainment and an engaging experience, your products and services will almost sell themselves. 

I hope this has helped you to realize why websites are more important than you think. Take time to re-think your website – if it is not a destination for those in your market, it’s important to your success that you take the necessary steps to change that, today.  

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